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20 Of The Best Superhero Movies Other Than Avengers: Endgame

Joshua Moraes Apr 30, 2019


Chronicle is a coming-of-age superhero story which is told through the 'handheld lens' of three high school friends. The trio uses smartphone cameras to capture their experiences after stumbling across an alien artefact and come away 'changed'. 

Superman: The Movie (1978)

Christopher Reeve's Superman live-action movie isn't the first feature film to bring Krypton's son to the big screen, but honestly, it is the best. Superman never set out to just explain Kal-El's past. The focus is on the story and the breathtaking spectacle of the movie - a guy who flies.

Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone bears little resemblance to any other superhero film and it's somehow both exhilarating and deliberately hilarious.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Del Toro crammed this deliciously bonkers sequel with everything that worked oh-so-well in the first outing - quippy one-liners, well-rounded supporting characters, and insane steampunk props.

Thor: Ragnarok

After the Shakespearean origin story and a po-faced sequel, Thor was looking for a clean break. Blessed be Taika Waititi who brought his comic sensibilities and liberally applied it to the intergalactic canvas of everyone's favourite Asgardian.

Iron Man

Iron Man not only laid the foundation of a multi-billion dollar franchise but also saved Marvel Studios from potential bankruptcy. And then there was Robert Downey Jr. His charisma and quips made us sit up in our seats in a way that Toby Maguire's Spider-Man or Christian Bale's Batman never could.

The Dark Knight

The middle chapter of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight splits its time between day and night, letting Bruce Wayne's tale of big-bucks vigilantism stroll out in the sunlight. Its chewy moral grapplings are a rarity in superhero movies.

The Dark Knight Rises

Bigger and brasher than its predecessor, Dark Knight Rises repurposes the cerebral superhero movie into a streamlined actioner. After seeing Gotham fall into the hands of a masked madman - Bane, his moral way of doing things falls behind in the shadows, letting his final stand emerge like a cage-fighter. 

Wonder Woman

Though it was another origin story, Wonder Woman saw a whole new take on the superhero cliche. And then again, it was for a character whose origin story we hadn't seen in a movie before. Wonder Woman delivered the hope-charged blast of purely likeable entertainment that superhero movies so very needed.


Teenager Dave embraces his love for comics and lets it spill into the real-world by becoming Kick-Ass. Going against wealthy foes who wipe the floor with him time and again, leads him to join forces with Hit-Girl who wields a katana like a seasoned pro.


Awash with blood, foul language and nudity galore, the movie holds nothing back as Deadpool battles against the men who turned him into a disfigured superhero or as Weasel likes to call him - an avocado that had sex with an older avocado.

Black Panther

Compared to most Marvel movies, the cast is large and varied and all of them play an important role in the story, each providing motivations and viewpoints that enrich the jaw-dropping Afro-futurist setting with warmth and humanity. And Marvel finally gave us a villain worthy of our attention - Killmonger.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy re-wrote the rules of Marvel's Cinematic Universe in a way which showed that superhero movies can be silly and irreverent without damaging its soul. From the opening scene right up until the final moments, all you feel is heart.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Coming to terms with being trapped in ice for decades, Cap comes back with a new haircut and a mission to kick-ass in the 21st century as he tries to save his friend, Bucky. The modernised story drops its sepia-tones for a much harsher look.


Logan is the only superhero movie that feels meaningfully adult. It serves as a metaphor for our awful planet and the struggle to be a good person amid the temptations of joining its cruel inertia.

The Avengers

What happens when you take one superhero and another, and then add another and so on? You get an epic team! The Avengers fuse together into a slick machine ready to dispense justice like no other onscreen team before.

Avengers: Infinity War

With a butt-load of heroes and numerous threads finally coming together for the second-last instalment of 10-years worth of storytelling, Infinity War does not mess around. The three-hour-long movie is full of fights, conflicts and team-ups as it treats its cast with an almost Game of Thrones sense of brutality.

Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker's day-to-day misery is quashed by his burgeoning friendship with Doctor Octavius. Of all the friend-to-foe betrayals Peter suffers, it's this film that serves up the best of all without necessitating to overstuff the movie with a gazillion villains. When done right, one bad guy will suffice.

Captain America: Civil War

8 years in the making, the seeds for Civil War were always visible, even as early as the first Avengers. It was just a matter of time before Cap and Tony butted heads. And how well Marvel handled it!


A refreshing, minimalist film that is devoid of spandex and moral rantings about responsibility to the people that you would normally associate with superhero flicks.