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Delhi Couple Gets Divorce 24 Years After Filing Papers

Delhi High Court granted divorce to a couple 24 years after they filed the papers.
meenu katariya Jul 8, 2019
India is witnessing a huge increase in delayed judicial processes and mounting pendency of cases.
In a recent incident from Delhi, a couple has been granted divorce by the Delhi HC, 24 years after they filed the papers in the court.
As per reports, the couple got married in 1988 and have been living separately since 1995. The high court has blamed the litigants for delay in such cases, as the parties involved keep on piling evidences against each other.
In 2018, the wife appeared before the court and said she was willing to join her husband in Mumbai, but backed out at the last moment. The HC upheld the man's call for divorce on the ground of desertion, noting that after 1995, she never made a genuine attempt to reconcile.