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Ghost Didn't Get A 'Good Boy' Pat From Jon Snow Because He Was CGI

Why Jon why?
Smrutisnat Jena May 8, 2019
The 'goodest boy' in Westeros, Ghost was recently denied a pat and we have been pissed at Jon Snow ever since.
Director David Nutter has come up with an explanation regarding the same but we ain't buying that either.
He said that since the direwolves were CGI, they thought it was best to keep it simple and let Ghost stay where he was and share a moment with Jon.
Despite this fans seem to pretty pissed at the decision to not have Jon pet Ghost, even after the good boy lost an ear fighting for him.
Anyhow, we can only hope to see Ghost once more before the show ends. And hopefully, Tormund takes care of him better than Jon ever did.