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This Is The Movie Villain You Are According To Your Zodiac

Destined to be bad!
Srishti Magan May 2, 2019

Aries: Voldemort

Brave, independent, impulsive and hates restriction - these personality traits define Aries and He Who Must Not Be Named. Voldemort was the bad guy, but his intelligence and independence can't be questioned!

Taurus: Poison Ivy

You love nature and are sensual with exceptional taste. No wonder Poison Ivy, who loves to kill her enemies with a venomous kiss, is a Taurean. After all, you seek pleasure, and the more sinful it is, the better it is! 

Gemini: Loki

Mischievous, two-faced and loves games - defines Loki and a typical Gemini. Though Loki's talents usually get expressed in doing the wrong thing, he is as dynamic and talented as they come!  

Cancer: Darth Vader

You forgive but never forget. Just like Darth Vader who fell to the dark side when his original motivation for greater good failed. Practical yet sensitive, your contradictory personality perfectly aligns with Darth Vader

Leo : Magneto

When your pride convinces you to eliminate the human race as it is, well that may be a little too much pride. But then, Leos, if you are not the dominating leader, are you even living up to your potential?

Virgo: Professor Moriarty

This evil genius from the Sherlock series craves perfection, is creatively clever, and manages to lead people on. Is there even a question that Moriarty is a classic perfectionist AKA a Virgo? 

Libra: Miranda Priestly

A lover of luxury, your love life is complicated but your career moves are on point. Just like the original Devil in Prada, you won't have a hair out of place, even when going through your third divorce - because you don't compromise on style. 

Scorpio: Hannibal Lecter

You're charismatic, secretive and define power and wisdom. While your food interests are definitely on the wild side, your self-reliance can't be questioned! Hannibal Lecter defines Scorpion traits to a T. 

Sagittarius: Leslie Chow

Organizing illegal parties is as natural to you as fun and sarcasm. Your friends may find you insensitive at times but what no one can deny is that you're open-minded, maybe a little too much at times!

Capricorn: Agent Smith

You're hardworking but stubborn and always have to be on top. Exactly like Agent Smith. He was great under pressure, and could rock that smirk like the best of them! You've rooted for him secretly Capricorns.

Aquarius: Saruman the White

Innovative and eccentric, you're a trendsetter, exactly like Saruman. Though his greed for power leads to his corruption, he was greatly and justly admired, just like Aquarians usually are.

Pisces: The Joker

Your allure draws people in but they question your sadism. Sensitive to harshness, you constantly crave freedom. Joker had to be a Piscean to take a shocking past and turn it into his own personal & insane comedy of horrors!