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Namor Could Be Introduced To The MCU As Black Panther 2's Villian

King T'Challa is in for the shock of his life.
Smrutisnat Jena Aug 1, 2019
In the first Black Panther film, T'Challa faced and defeated Killmonger, a man of equal, if not higher strength and skill.
Well, T'Challa's troubles are far from over. According to Wegotthiscovered, another king is about to attack Wakanda. And that ruler might just be Namor.
For the uninitiated, Namor is sort of the Aquaman in Marvel comics. Except, he is more hot-headed and way moodier than Arthur Curry. And he is evil. Like, really evil.
As far as we know, if he's introduced, it is going to be as a villain. But his loyalties have shifted in the comics and he's become an anti-hero of sorts. Anyhow, if this happens, it's going to be so badass.