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Robert Downey Jr. To Return As Tony Stark for Disney+ Series

RDJ will return as Tony Stark for Disney's Ironheart.
Smrutisnat Jena Sep 6, 2019
Fans of the MCU, if you were sad because you thought you had seen the last of RDJ as Tony Stark, you were terribly mistaken.
According to We Got This Covered, RDJ could be reprising his role as Iron Man for the Disney+ series, Ironheart.
For the uninitiated, Ironheart follows the life of a teenage genius, RiRi Williams, who in the comics, carries Stark's legacy forward.
It has also been reported that Robert Downey Jr. will only be involved as a voice actor, similar to Paul Bettany's JARVIS, guiding and training RiRi Williams to take on the mantle.
But hey, whatever the role might be, at least we are getting the Godfather of the MCU back!