These IAS Officers Share School Marksheets, Showing That A Report Card Doesn’t Define One’s Worth

Harshita Singh

As we all know, UPSC exams are one of the most difficult tests to crack in our country. So, it’s natural to think that someone needs to be an extremely brilliant student in school to be able to score well in it. But well, that’s not always the case. With hard work, and commitment, you can turn your future around at any given moment. And these IAS officers who posted their marksheets from school on Twitter are proof of this!

IAS officers Nitin Sangwan, Shahid Choudhary and Awanish Sharan shared their marks from school hoping to inspire other aspirants. And to say that you don’t need to be a topper or incredibly gifted to become an IAS officer. Guess there is hope for everyone!

Here’s how other netizens have responded these posts by them. Obviously, many people were inspired and applauding them for posting their marks online.

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