9 Things One Must Get Used To Before Entering The Bigg Boss House

9 Things One Must Get Used To Before Entering The Bigg Boss House

Manya Ailawadi

Being a contestant on Bigg Boss requires a lot more patience and skills than we think of. They all have to live in a closed space for months with the added change of lifestyle. Of course, it’s a choice, but contestants need to get used to certain things to be able to stay in the game. And there’s a lot that one can learn from Bigg Boss 16.

1. The possibility of living with your worst enemy.

Imagine having to live with your nemesis under the same roof. In the Bigg Boss house, contestants don’t even have a distraction, and to make things worse they have to pretend to be decent people because there are cameras all over. This requires a lot more than just patience.

2. Having to live without gadgets.

We spend most of our lives on phones, or while bingeing stuff. So, to give it all up for months sounds like a nightmare. No wonder people fight all day when they enter the house, there’s no other outlet for one’s emotions. This is also probably the reason why everyone was so excited seeing the landline during the hostel task.

3. A controlled lifestyle.

A lot of us are particular about certain things, like say, a specific amount of chicken to eat everyday. But that’s the catch of the show, all contestants are treated the same – so they’re all given the same things that are sufficient for basic needs. And like Shalin, some of them learn this the hard way.

4. Getting schooled.

With Bigg Boss participating more than ever in season 16, contestants constantly get slammed with sassy comments from the Boss himself. Of course, there isn’t much that they can do about it, given that these comments are quite the burn. It takes a lot of getting used to, but also fun (to watch).

5. Doing weird things on camera.

Sure, contestants also do that by choice. But a lot of times tasks require them to do weird things (no questions asked). More often than not these tasks are important to stay in the game or get the luxury budget. And well, they are important things, which means not looking your best self on-screen is worth it.

6. Don’t (always) be yourself.

It’s usually good to portray your honest self, specifically on a reality show. But if a person is problematic and toxic, it’s best to hide that part away. Like the time when Shalin shouted at a doctor who had come to treat him. Now, that was just terrible behavior. So basically if you’re a Shalin, don’t be yourself.

7. Living without your favorite food.

Life is hard as it is, if you have to live without your gadgets and under the same roof as people you mostly dislike. And for contestants in Bigg Boss, it’s almost a challenge to not have the food that they love. Like a pizza from one’s favorite outlet, or Adbu’s burger. It’s a bigger sacrifice than it sounds.

8. Being yelled at.

Not a day goes by when a contestant does not yell at some other contestant. While the reasons are usually petty, it comes with having to adjust with new people. But the thing is, you cannot imagine when someone would pick a fight, you could be sitting in silence and get dragged in an argument for no valid reason.

9. People stealing your things.

For people who are constantly under surveillance, Bigg Boss contestants steal a lot. And a lot of it comes down to food. But the scary part is that they do not admit their mistakes, or come up with weird excuses. Like the time when Archana literally pocketed the ginger from the kitchen, saying that she took it so it’s hers.

A roller-coaster, indeed.

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