This Billionaire Boss Treated His Employees To A 3-Day Trip To Disney World & Coldplay Concert

This Billionaire Boss Treated His Employees To A 3-Day Trip To Disney World & Coldplay Concert

Snigdha Nalini Oreya

While most of us are still struggling to get our year-end leaves approved by the management, this billionaire boss treated his employees and their families to an all-expenses-paid vacation to Walt Disney World. This might sound like a dream but the boss booked an entire Disney World for his staff to celebrate a successful year.

Disney World, Florida | Source: KTLA

According to multiple reports, Ken Griffin – CEO of Citadel Securities -a multinational hedge fund and financial services company, celebrated the 20th anniversary of his firm and the 32nd anniversary of his hedge fund last weekend by organizing a three-day vacation for his staff.

The itinerary included not only a trip to Florida’s Walt Disney World for roughly 10,000 people, but also a concert by Coldplay, Carly Rae Jepsen, and DJ Diplo. The billionaire boss paid for his employees’ flights from New York, Houston, Paris, Zurich, and other cities. The trip also included fully paid hotels, park tickets, and meals. “We have built the most extraordinary team not only in our history — but also in the history of finance. We have an incredible future ahead of us – and I look forward to the chapters yet to be written,” said a spokesperson while speaking to Reuters.

Ken Griffin – CEO, Citadel | Source: Reuters

The news went viral on social media and here’s what people had to say. Some appreciated the gesture while some called it performative.

Some people are truly living a dream!

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