16 People Share Honest Takes On The Hardest Thing About Their JOB & They’re As Real As They Can Get

Vasudha Sabharwal

Many of us are working purely because there’s something called livelihood that we’re supposed to derive to facilitate survival. There are very few who love waking up to work every day, feeling like the luckiest human alive, with dopamine ultra pro max. If you’re one of those – well, congratulations, and a big ‘screw you’ from people on the other side of the spectrum.


People on the Internet have been sharing the hardest aspects of their jobs. So, we also took an opportunity to ask around, seeking perspectives that soon translated into full-blown rants. Umm, here are some real HONEST answers on what bit of their jobs people find the most abysmal and hate –



1. “I work in PR. You know what the worst part about my job is? Everybody is effing mean to us for just doing our job. Clients treat us as if we’re their personal servants, asking personal favours WAYY outside our jurisdiction. Journos treat us like shit. Like sure, we like calling you to be hurled with abuses. And heaven’s forbid if you’re a junior. Oh, and also, all the PR managers need to get a course on anger management. Man, it’s a hellhole”


2. “Waking up for it.”

– Whotfismick


3. “Having to come up with new ideas over on almost everyday basis. There’s something called creative block. Managers don’t get that.”

– Anonymous

4. “I currently work in IT support. I hate when the caller, who called ME for help with an issue they can’t solve, tries to tell ME how to fix it. Boo, if you could’ve done it why are you on my line?”

– akperdue


5. “I come from a creative writing field. The worst part of my job is scattered briefs and dealing with the higher-ups. Nobody knows what the heck they want. But everybody wants to point out that there’s SOMETHING missing without offering any solutions.”

– Anonymous

6. “Having to type professional passive aggressive emails when all I really want to say is ‘FUCK OFF’ or ‘COME CORRECT OR DON’T COME AT ALL’”

– genandjuiceeee


7. “I work in social media. The worst part of my gig is just the pressure to know everything. Like every big or small, even the stupidest, trend from every corner of the planet. They wanna capitalise on everything without realising somethings just don’t align with their brand.”

– Nanditesh

8. “There are people there.”

– LoseeMolly


9. “Patients dying? Corporate killing your soul? All while you actually are dying?”

– boboddyz

10. “I work for two different accounts, so I have two managers. Both my managers hate each other and often give clashing instructions. They want me to prioritise their client first. SO basically, I get SCREWED over every day, when all I REALLY wanna do is punch them both so bad.”

– AS


11. “Interacting with stupid customers, being underpaid, not being appreciated, not having a fixed schedule, anxiety 24/7, while working at my job.”

– dg_random

12. “When people don’t clock in and out and then don’t tell anyone and so I don’t have it on payroll and then they blame me.”

– lucygraydeen


13. “While I was working at McDonald’s, I absolutely hated when people would ask for sauce in the drive through AFTER I’d already handed out everything. Like you couldn’t have said you wanted some before I gave you your bag?”

– chloes_backup1

14. “Waking up to work on your periods.”

– xaaskatsunade


15. “Dealing with people who think we should stop all of our other work and repair their part. Because their job is more important than all of our other paying customers. Oh yeah, and better be cheap about it too. Entitled AHoles!!!”

– missyncj

16. “Knowing my worth and salary are vastly different numbers.”

– Drstevenhobbs


Do you love your job? Or you’re a part of our clan? Wait, I really shouldn’t be penting my own frustrations HERE.

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