12 People Share Workplace ‘Scams’ That Have Sadly Been Normalised & We’re Nodding In Agreement

Harshita Singh

We’ve all been sucked into toxic workplace practices. It isn’t anyone’s fault really, mostly, it’s the fault of this matrix we live in to give ourselves a false sense of security, but that doesn’t make the suffering people go through at work any better. Well, we’ve stumbled across this accurate AF Reddit thread of people discussing workplace scams that have been normalised, and boy will you be nodding in agreement while reading the comments we’ve curated!

Here, take a look:

1. “‘Be here 15 minutes before your shift starts.’ Yeah, bro. Normally I would because I like to ease in, make a coffee etc. but if you require it and aren’t paying me for it, I’m rolling in at 9, on the dot.”


2. “‘Do it for the team, others are counting on you,’ to try and get free labor.”


3. “‘Come in on your day off or you’ll be letting down the team.’ The employee knows that them saying ‘No’ is an inconvenience. There’s no reason to intentionally guilt them for it.”


4. “Mixing together sick and vacation PTO (paid time off).”


5. “Attendance policies, telling an employee who they can and can’t take time off to grieve for.”


6. “‘Team lead.’ It really means ‘You’re going to get management responsibilities without management pay.”


7. “Its the crappy pizza parties that are the real slap in the face.”


8. “After work activities being ‘Not mandatory but advised’ or affecting your standing at work. I used to have a two-hour turnaround commute for work, and at least once a month my bosses would have the whole team go out for a few hours after an 8 hour shift starting at the crack of dawn. I just wanted to clock in and then go home because I was mentally exhausted by the end of the day, but would always get the stink eye when I would politely decline the three hour detour for ‘Team building’ with a team we couldn’t even socialize with since we were on the phone 8 hours a day.”


9. “The notion of paying for commuting altogether is a scam. Having your time wasted with 4+ interviews and employers constantly toeing the line between ‘Skills assessment’ and ‘free work.'”


10. “Human Resource. HR is there to protect the company, no one is there to protect the employees.”


11. “Downsizing and not getting compensated for doing more work.”


12. “Go above and beyond and we will reward you with….even more work.”


If you can think of more such ‘scams’ then tell us in the comments.

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