Suniel Shetty Joins LinkedIn At 61, Talks About How Life Has Just Begun

Snigdha Nalini Oreya

Actor Suniel Shetty recently joined LinkedIn. Taking to the platform, the actor penned down his thoughts in a long post that talked about his journey.


In the post, Suniel Shetty mentioned how he is “doing some interesting projects on screen”. The actor who is also an entrepreneur shared his thoughts on how young entrepreneurs are changing the face of entrepreneurship today. He is the owner of restaurant chains like Mischief Dining Bar and Club H2O in Mumbai.

Suniel Shetty’s LinkedIn

“The last few years have been particularly exciting, with the opportunity to be a part of some incredible #content #d2c #healthtech #emobility #sports startups. What has amazed me is the sheer audacity that so many young entrepreneurs bring to the table today, a huge departure from how things were when I started out,” added the actor.

Suniel Shetty mentioned that he “decided to get on LinkedIn to use this as an intelligent space to foster smart ideas and become a catalyst of positive change”. His debut post has received more than 1 lakh reactions and more than 4K comments.

But that’s just on LinkedIn. His debut has also taken other social media platforms by storm.

Hopefully, Suniel Shetty’s debut makes LinkedIn a better place.

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