8 Scenes & Instances That Show How TRUTHFUL Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Art Is

Aaliyah Jain

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s movies have always been heartwarming – I mean, I could really feel my blood becoming warmer with each scene from his movies. After Kabir Singh, the director made Animal, which is a great feat in its own right.

Even though the movies are made ‘just for entertainment’, his art form is so truthful that we can relate them to our real lives. We have curated a list of ‘facts’ to prove our point. Let’s check them.


1. Animal’s Ranvijay (Ranbir Kapoor) cheated on his wife but he also confessed it to her so it’s alright.

We see how the director made this character cheat on his wife, whom he desperately wanted to marry. However, he comes back to his wife, after sleeping with another woman for days, and confesses it to her. Additionally, the man did it for his father and everything is fair when it comes to his family – be it the bloodshed or the cheating. 


2. Animal’s Abrar (Bobby Deol) rapes his wives but uski biwi hi toh hai na.

It’s a MAN, having sex with his own WIVES – so, it’s okay – even if the women despise him and hate his touch – he has the right because he’s a man and more importantly, a husband. There’s nothing like marital rape, is there, sir director? 


3. The outstanding director mentions the ‘writer’ title in the first credit of his movie, even though there are other writers. It’s his movie and his rules guys, relax.

Screenwriter Gazal Dhaliwal raised an interesting point about how the filmmaker mentioned his own name as the writer-editor-director of the movie, even though there are other writers who have written Animal’s screenplay and dialogues. Well, let’s just say that this is how he makes his movies a piece of ‘art’. 


4. The protagonists from his movies hit other characters kyunki pyaar mein do-chaar thappad toh chalte hai na.

Once a very wise man said, ”If you can’t touch your woman, wherever you want, and if you can’t slap, you can’t kiss, you can’t use cuss words. I don’t see the emotion there.” Oh wait, that was our intellectual director and he’s absolutely correct because everything is fair in love and war!

5. The character from his movie kills hundreds of people and is declared a ‘hero’. 

Who is a hero? Someone people like and find inspiring. With Vanga’s exceptional directorial skills, no other hero can come close to the ones from Arjun Reddy, Kabir Singh and Animal – even if they hurt, slap or even kill hundreds of people. 


6. Kabir Singh’s Kabir (Shahid Kapoor) threatens his girlfriend’s parents and family because they don’t approve of him. Aur kya hi karega insaan?

Har cheez ki ek limit hoti hain yaar. He tried convincing them at the top of his voice, what else did they want from him? Ab kya aadmi poora change hoke insaan ban jaaye aur fir se try kare? That’s not how alpha males or the director’s storyline work.


7. Who Aditya Kashyap and Kabir Khan? Kabir Singh and Ranvijay Singh are the real alpha males that we are rooting for!

The men who motivate, support and fight with the world for women? Nah. The men who kill innocent humans, and physically assault their girlfriends and wives? YES! The only way one can be macho enough is to prove it with blood and punches. That’s the true art.


8. According to the director, daddy issues > real-world issues.

Nothing is greater than a father’s love. (Oh wait, did we write Animal’s entire plotline in seven words?) *plays Papa Meri Jaan in the background*


Hence, it’s proved that Sandeep Reddy Vanga is a great director with a brilliant art form that no other human on this planet can challenge. 

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