How Not To Saas: After ‘Bigg Boss’, Here’s A Look At All The Problematic Opinions Of Ankita’s MIL

Manya Ailawadi

Even if you didn’t follow Bigg Boss, you know who Vicky’s mother is. You know her, because she loves to share. At this point, it looks like giving interviews is her hobby. It would’ve been nice and fun, if giving interviews only meant talking. Vicky’s mother or Ankita’s mother-in-law or Ranjana Jain, however you like to address her, is the saas we hear stories about. In all her interviews, the common theme comes down to blaming Ankita for everything wrong that exists in this world.


Clearly, we know who’s wrong. So here are some things to learn from Vicky’s mom (or her mistakes):

1. Do not blatantly say that you didn’t approve of your daughter-in-law.

In a recent interview, Ranjana Jain said that when Vicky Jain married Ankita, the family wasn’t supportive of the decision. She added that Vicky isn’t a dominating personality and he’s actually someone who ‘spreads love’. According to her, if Vicky wants to continue this relationship, it’s his choice and they wouldn’t say much because they didn’t even choose Ankita in the first place.

“Ab Vicky shaadi nibhane ke liye taiyaar hai, humein kuchh lena dena nahin hai. Hum log usse kuchh nahi keh rahe hain.”

2. Do not tell your daughter-in-law that you don’t trust her.

During her first appearance on Bigg Boss, Vicky’s mother said that he should ‘forgive’ Ankita. She added that everyone at home thought Ankita would manage things (and Vicky). However, according to Ranjana Jain, she failed at it. She went on to say that Vicky never cried before, which means that Ankita is doing something wrong.

“Humein maalum tha humari Ankita samajhdar hai, lekin yahan ulta ho gaya.”


3. Do not play the ladkewala card.

In another episode of Bigg Boss, where Ankita and Vicky’s mothers were invited to the show, the latter spent some time with Ankita. She talked to her about things that had left the family disappointed. In doing so, she added that Vicky’s father had called Ankita’s mother to complain about Ankita’s actions. Ankita added that it was insensitive of them to involve her mother, which well, the mother-in-law ignored.

“Jis din tumne laat maari thi, uss din papa ne turant tumhari mumma ko phone kiya puchhne ke liye ki tum bhi apne pati ko aise laat maarti thi.”

4. Do not micromanage your daughter-in-law’s relationships with other people.

In another interview, the mother-in-law was asked to share her opinion on Ankita and Munawar’s friendship. She replied by saying that she does not like it. When asked about Vicky and Mannara, she said that they’re not as close as Ankita is with Munawar.

“Humein achha nahin lagta dekh ke. Vicky itni dosti kahin rakhta hi nahin, Ankita ki zyada lagti hai.”


5. Do not gaslight your daughter-in-law.

After returning from the Bigg Boss sets, Ranjana Jain was also told that she appeared to be the typical saas that people see in shows. She responded that she is not that at all, and in fact puts Ankita above her own children. She then added that Ankita should know better, given that Vicky “let her” join the show.

“Hum log toh bilkul palkon pe rakhte hain bahu ko. Waise saas toh hum hain hi nahin.”


6. Do not be blinded for your son.

While talking to Etimes, Ranjana Jain said that Ankita should put her husband on a pedestal, because that’s how society functions. She added that Vicky is the perfect husband – something Ankita should be thankful for. The relatives and in-laws are basically pissed at the fact that Ankita is seeing her partner as a human being, and not some super-power.

“Apne yahan pati ko devta samjha jaata hai. Phir wo pati aisa-vaisa thodi hai, heera mila hai tujhe [Ankita].”


7. Do not be the person they write melodramatic shows for.

During her Bigg Boss appearance, Ranjana Jain also sat with the contestants. When Munawar said that he’d like to visit them after the show, she taunted: “Ankita ka dost hai munna, wo toh aayega hi.” She then added that even though women consider Vicky a brother, it isn’t true the other way round. She went on to laugh, mockingly.


If this is love, love is scary.

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