We Re-Imagined ‘The Archies’ Filming In The 60s & These Actors Would’ve Been The Perfect Fit

Manya Ailawadi

The Archies movie already looks like a comic book coming to life. It is colour, music, food, culture and everything else you’d want it to be. The idea of a fantasy-like town and story set in India of 60s is rather smart, if we think of it. Of course, the one thing that we’ve all been talking about since the first look, is the primary cast of the film. These are young actors who fit into their comic-book alter egos perfectly. This also makes us want to imagine a cast, if the film were actually made in the 60s.


Since the story navigates romance, friendship, and the zeal that only comes with being young, it needs actors who can do all of it. So, here’s a possible list, because why not?

1. Amitabh Bachchan as Archie

Amitabh Bachchan has played characters where he was the angry young man. In most of these characters, he was fighting against the wrong – much like Archie Andrews’ character comes across in trailers. He’s also the main guy in a love triangle, and this essentially sums up most characters in early Bollywood rom-coms. On top of everything, Amitabh Bachchan has the kind of ‘rizz’ and energy that the lead singer of a boy band would.


2. Rajesh Khann as Jughead

Jughead is someone with a very layered personality, and the one thing that makes him different from the rest of the characters is his wit and humour. It takes a very seasoned actor to manage that. Someone like Rajesh Khanna comes to mind for this. The fact that we still talk about his characters is proof that he brought that he brought that sense of quirk in each film. Of course, his chemistry with Amitabh Bachchan would have been perfect for an Archies film.


3. Zeenat Aman as Veronica

Okay, this one is not even about that time. Zeenat Aman is the coolest person on the internet and if that doesn’t describe Veronica, I don’t know what does. She has the flair for the dramatic – the kind that makes you want to listen to her. The actor also has impeccable style which is important to this character. Now or then, we cannot imagine a better Ronnie than Zeenat Aman. Like Veronica, she’s timeless.


4. Simi Garewal as Betty

Known for her elegant presence both on and off-screen, Garewal possesses the poise that aligns well with Betty Cooper’s character. Betty, traditionally depicted as a character with a combination of intelligence and grace, is also a strong woman. It’s easy to imagine the actor pull of the character, given how we have seen her manage all of this effortlessly in on-screen.


5. Moushumi Chatterjee as Ethel

When I first saw Ethel in the trailer, and later read reviews about the character, I couldn’t help but think of her as someone who brings colour to The Archies. Her character looks and sounds like sunshine, and Moushumi Chatterjee sounds like the perfect fit for the role. There’s something about the actor which makes you want to remain glued to the screen – she brings a lot of light to her roles. For that and just her sheer intelligence both on and off screen, Moushumi would have been the perfect Ethel.


6. Jeetendra as Dilton

For some reason, Jeetendra looks like someone who can be the glue to this very cool group. Dilton is intelligent and smart, probably the smartest person in town. Jeetendra could manage to effortlessly play a character like that. He also managed a sophisticated demeanor in films from his time, which is important to Dilton. Given the rest of the cast, the actor also feels like a good addition to the mix – because these are all characters who stand out.


7. Rishi Kapoor as Reggie

It goes without saying that Rishi Kapoor was an immensely talented actor. While he offered a versatile range in his time, he was also the perfect romantic hero. So, despite trying hard, he seems to be the only person who could’ve pulled off the character. Reggie is charming, but also a heart-breaker. At times, he’s all about the looks, but other times, he’s opinionated and strong. Alongside, Amitabh Bachchan, he would’ve been the right choice. Something like their chemistry in Amar Akbar Anthony comes to mind.


Now that you’re done with this fictional list, you can watch the real film and imagine what it could’ve been.

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