Ayesha Takia Bashed Her Trolls In A Recent Post & It’s Everything That Needed To Be Said

Manya Ailawadi

There may be a lot of good things about the internet, but it comes with its share of exhaustion. The fact that trolling is so common that there are almost no repercussions to doing it, is just one of the scary parts about the internet. A recent post shared by Ayesha Takia served as a reminder.


The actor shared a note talking about a recent incident where she was trolled. She mentioned that she was catching a flight to visit her sister, who is hospitalized. At the airport, she stopped for a few pictures. She added that ever since those images circulated on the internet, people started talking about how she “looked different”.


The actor pointed out at how we are all so superficial at this point – that everything boils down to looks. In this note, she also mentioned that people need to stop comparing her from her younger self. She wrote, “Expecting a girl whose mostly been seen in her teens to look identical even after 15 years is unrealistic and ridiculous.”

It was important to shut the trolls, but the thing is, that it shouldn’t even get there. Having to take responsibility of someone else’s wrongful actions, or just having to fight for being treated nicely is a lot. Just having to expect people to understand what a comment or an opinion is capable of, is a lot of work, as well. So even though it’s commendable that Ayesha Takia called out the trolls, it all boils down to how she should not have to.


Of course we live in an imperfect world, so maybe the only way to make it somewhat right is to take a stand wherever necessary.

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