Barbie Has Turned The Whole World Pink & It Goes On To Show How Amazing Their Marketing Is

Harshita Singh

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is out in theatres now, and the buildup to the film’s release has been just as great as the release itself. How you ask? Well, the wave of Barbiecore that preceded the movie coming out was in itself, a huge ordeal. Not to mention Mattel’s marketing strategy is one for the books, websites are already talking about how much we can learn from their marketing moves.

Credit: USA Today

Here, take a look at what we’re talking about:

1. Barbie™ X Airbnb

If you’ve been fascinated by Barbie’s DreamHouse, you’ll be pleased to know that Airbnb has collaborated with Barbie™ to list the Malibu DreamHouse.

Credit: Digital Spy

2. Barbie™ X Burger King

And this collaboration with Burger King Brazil is too freaking adorable. Is that pink cheese I see inside the burger?

3. Barbie™ X Aldo

Like many other fashion brands, Aldo collaborated with Barbie™ to bring its customers an exclusive Barbie themed collection.

Credit: Aldo

4. Barbie™ X Crocs shoes

How cute are these pair of Crocs? The collection also consists of eight unique Barbiecore Jibbitz charms that you can customise your clogs with.

Credit: Billboard

5. Barbie™ X Gap

Guys, I don’t know about you. But, this Gap hoodie is a dream come true. What can be better than a lush, warm, comfortable, pink hoodie? C’mon!

Credit: Gap

6. Barbie™ X Fossil

If a hoodie isn’t your jam, then perhaps this entire collection of Barbie themed watches and accessories will do it for you?

Credit: WWD

7. Barbie™ X Uno cards

Listen, Uno cards that are Barbie themed? I mean, just when you thought this game couldn’t get any more fun or engaging – WHAM, we get a Barbie themed deck of Uno cards.

Credit: Amazon

8. Barbie™ X Google

If you haven’t tried this yet, I suggest you go on Google, search the main leads (or Greta Gerwig) on it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find cute, pink animated firecrackers bursting in a couple of seconds or so.

Credit: Google

9. Barbie™ X Forever 21

I’m so, so glad Forever 21 made this deal, because you can never have enough of Barbie themed clothes and accessories, can you?

Credit: Popsugar

All pink, everything pink. I think I am having a bit of a pink-rush.

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