In Peak Bengaluru Moment, A Fan Goes On A Mission To Find A Flatmate During Lucky Ali’s Concert

Aaliyah Jain

While some people go to a concert to watch their favourite celebrities, a bunch of others attend it to have a great night and then, there are a few others who seek a flatmate in the middle of the concert.

We can agree that finding a comforting roommate can be a task but going all the way to a jam-packed concert to find one is just jugaad at its peak.

Shubh Khandelwal, a social media user, took to his account and tweeted a picture of a person who was seen holding a poster board, rising above the crowd, during a music concert, looking for a flatmate.

The post has garnered 1680+ likes already and this is what netizens had to say:

Well, this incident screams ‘peak Bengaluru behaviour’.

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