The Art Of Giving Good Acceptance Speeches Is Dying & We Miss The Days When It Was Still A Thing

Aaliyah Jain

Getting an award for one’s art is always contentious, because people’s opinions on these matters are subjective. One person may agree you deserved it, meanwhile another might think you absolutely did not. That’s just the nature of these achievements. So, the best thing one can do when given these honors is acknowledge their contemporaries and make use of the platform they get as the winner. This is where speeches get their importance from. They are opportunities to make a statement and that opportunity should be taken with seriousness.

While the art of delivering good speeches is slowly dying in Indian, we have listed some brilliant and heartfelt award acceptance speeches that made us believe that the emotions behind winning an award are genuine and heartwarming. Do read on.


1. Vir Das

In Emmy Awards 2023, the actor-comedian bagged an award in the Comedy category for Vir Das: Landing. His brilliant speech after winning the award made a home in the audience’s hearts.

In his acceptance speech, he mentioned that more than anything else, he’s here for his nation. He then went on and thanked his audience for laughing at his jokes and loving him. After a sweet message, he said goodbye to everyone in different Indian languages and thanked them for being there with him.

“Thank you for your laughter. More than anything else I am here for India. I would like to thank you for your laughter. It is a symphony of love, it is an orchestra of freedom, it is a universal lyric that reminds us we are not alone and it is the soundtrack to this idiot’s life. May it play louder until the entire world dances with us. Thank you. Namaste. Jai Hind. Assalamualaikum. Sat Sri Akaal. Love and peace. Thank you.”

2. Shah Rukh Khan

In 1992, the actor made his movie debut with Raj Kanwar’s Deewana and bagged the Filmfare Award for Best Debut (Male). In his acceptance speech, he mentioned how his mother wasn’t around when he bagged his first medal in third grade and she still isn’t around when he has received his first award.

“The first time I got a medal in school, which was in the third grade, I came running home to show it to my mother. I was very excited. It was very sad. She wasn’t there. The first time I’m getting a major award in the film industry, she’s still not here. This one goes out to her. This one’s for you, mum.”

3. Karisma Kapoor

When the actor received Filmfare’s Best Supporting Actress Award for Dil To Pagal Hai, she thanked her mother and sister for their support. Later, she also showcased her love for the awards, films and the industry with a quote from her grandfather’s iconic movie. 

“I acted with Madhuri Dixit, who I’m such a big fan of, and people actually liked my performance – it really means a lot. I can’t believe that I’m holding this (award) for the second time. I would like to say that whatever I’m today, is because of the most important person in my life and that’s my mother. I thank her for all she has taught me and all the values she has given me. I would also like to thank my sister, who is my biggest critic. I love the film industry. I love acting and films. Jeena yahan, marna yahan, iske siwa jaana kahan.”

4. Rajesh Khanna

In 2001, the veteran actor received an award at Zee Cine. When Shah Rukh Khan presented the honor to him, he thanked all his fans in the most poetic manner.

“Main itna jaanta hoon ki aaj main jo kuch bhi hoon, yeh aap sabki ki badaulat hoon. Yeh aap sab hi hain jinhonein mujhe actor banaya. Actor se star banaya, star se superstar banaya aur aaj yeh maan, izzat aur pyaar jo mujhe aap se mil raha hain, iss manch par khade hokar – kin lafzon mein aapka shukriyada karoon.”

He then went on and recited a short poem by Sahir Ludhianvi.

“Aap kya jaane mujhko samajhte hain kya, main to kuch bhi nahin. Is kadr pyar itni badi bheed ka main rakhunga kahan, is kadr pyar rakhne ke kaabil nahin. Izzatein shohratein chahatein ulfatein, koi bhi cheez duniya main rehti nahi. Aaj main hoon jahan kal koi aur tha, ye bhi ek daur hai woh bhi ek daur tha.”

5. Sushmita Sen

In 2000, the actor bagged an award in the Best Supporting Actor category for Biwi No. 1. After thanking the industry, directors and her audience for their unwavering support, she went on and gave a piece of advice to cherish forever.

“Most of all, I would like to say this tonight , because it’s so important, hum kisi se khushiyaan maange, yeh humein mazoor nahin, maangi huyi khushiyo se kiska bhala hota hain, jitna apni taqdeer mein likha hain woh zaroor ada hota hain.”

6. Manoj Bajpayee

In 1999, the actor bagged an award for Satya in the Best Supporting Actor category. He dedicated his award to his parents who supported him when acting wasn’t considered a decent professional. 

“Main shukriyada karna chahoonga saari unit ke members ka jinhone meri har tarah se madad kari. Ek ek dialogue jab aata tha tab tab ek spotboy bhi aake kehta tha ki bhai, yeh aisa bolenge toh acha rahega. Aakhri mein apne maa-baap ka jinhone ek aise samaj mein apne bete ko support kiya jahan actors ko bhaand samjha jaata tha. Mai-Bauji, mujhse zaada aap iske haqdaar hain.”

These speeches prove that these actors loved and absolutely adored their work!

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