Bigg Boss 16: 7 Contestants We Hope Become BFFs In 2023

Bigg Boss 16: 7 Contestants We Hope Become BFFs In 2023

Vasudha Sabharwal

If I were to name one thing that almost all Bigg Boss 16 contestants have in common, it would be loyalty towards their rivalries. The housemates are great as friends but even better as enemies. But now that we know their rivalries inside out, let’s imagine a mind-boggling twist.

In the spirit of ‘New Year, New Beginning,’ we are manifesting these 7 BB 16 arch-rivals to become BFFs in 2023. Cos that would be an entertaining AF shocking turn of events.

1. Nimrit & Priyanka

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A rift between Nimrit and Priyanka emerged in the first week itself. While it’s hard to think of the ladies being on the same page, EVER, a bond between the two would definitely be sensational. Imagine a bizarre episode where Nimrit saves Priyanka over Shiv, and Priyanka sides with Nimrit over Ankit. LOL.

2. Vikas & Archana

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After Vikas entered the house, we thought he and Archana would bond a lot given their similar outspoken demeanour. However, the two ended up fighting with one another. But if 2023 sows seeds of friendship between the two, Bigg Boss 16 would become 10x more entertaining since the duo will be hilarious AF together.

3. Tina & Sreejita

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While the Uttaran co-stars entered BB 16 claiming to be friends, their equation suggests everything opposite. Now that Sreejita has re-entered the house, it’s evident that she and Tina have unresolved issues from the past and they do not like each other anymore. But what if they try and have a fresh start in 2023, and it actually works out. Won’t that be crazy?

4. Shiv & Ankit

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While the two are loyal as friends and fans’ favourites, they have played from opposite sides from the initial days. We often see calling each other ‘popat‘ for backing their respective friends. Given that we’re too accustomed to seeing them engaged in a brawl, it’d be interesting to see Ankit and Shiv supporting each other for a change.

5. MC Stan & Shalin

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MC Stan and Shalin have had some of the fiercest brawls this season. From random taunts to chilling arguments, their rivalry erupts every now and then. While it is impossible to think of the duo being on the same page together, like ever, it will undoubtedly be entertaining to see a sudden change in their equation.

6. Shiv and Priyanka

Shiv and Priyanka are perhaps the two most popular contestants this season. Their fans love them and keep defending them in the social media universe. Despite their rivalry, the two have expressed their respect for one another, as a player, at various junctures. Imagine how BB 16 would shape if these two begin playing from the same team.

7. Soundarya & Tina


We are accustomed to seeing cold vibes between Tina and Soundarya. Often, their arguments have been associated with Shalin in one way or another. Now that we’re imagining enemies coming together, it could be interesting to see a healthy bond between Soundarya and Tina. Imagine them ganging up against Shalin together. Is that even possible?

Which Bigg Boss friendship will you manifest?

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