From Fee To BTS Tea, Here’s Everything To Know About The Hosting Gig Of Salman Khan On ‘Bigg Boss’

Aaliyah Jain

Bigg Boss and Salman Khan are almost synonymous. The actor has hosted fourteen of the seventeen seasons and he has now become a crucial element of the show. While we have seen him lashing out at the housemates on many weekend ka vaars, there’s still a lot we don’t know about him as the host of the show.

Fret not, we decided to list everything we found out about him in this article. So, sit back, relax and read on.

1. His Fees For All The Seasons

Reportedly, the actor is charging ₹12 crores each week for hosting the current 17th season. While he started with ₹2.5 crores as his fees from season 4 to season 6, he charged about ₹5 crores for the 7th season of the show. He then received ₹5.5 crores as remuneration in the 8th season. In seasons 9 and 10, he charged ₹8 and ₹10 crores, respectively. For the next two seasons, he got ₹11 to ₹14 crores. Later, he got ₹15.5, ₹14, ₹15 crores for doing seasons 13, 14 and 15. In 2022, he charged a whopping ₹1,000 crores as his fees for the entire season.

2. He Is Incredibly Professional & Dedicated Towards His Work

Despite his immense stardom, collaborating with him is extremely easy. If the sources are to be believed, he is extremely professional and focuses on the task at hand, and consistently delivers results. During a season premiere, he didn’t take a single break from 4 in the evening to 1 in the night. During the finale too, he started at 3:30 in the noon and continued until he announced the winner.

3. The Cigarette Shot Was An Editing Mistake

During a weekend ka vaar episode, the host was seen with a cigarette in his hand for a few seconds – which was clearly an editing mistake. An individual who worked on the set revealed that it was a genuine mistake and it was supposed to be cropped.  


4. He Can’t Eliminate Any Contestant

We often see him throwing the contestants out and bringing them into the house. However, it’s not his own decision. In a thread, it was revealed that he cannot eliminate them since he’s just a host. The fate of the housemates solely depends on the votes they receive from the audience.

5. He Watches EVERYTHING!

Salman Khan is remarkably observant, according to the sources. In fact, he watches everything that happens in the show. He knows when to hold or fold.

6. He Sends Home-Cooked Meals In The House

During weekend episodes, he also sends home-cooked dishes like biryani, karela gosht, aloo gosht, two vegetables, daal and raita to the set. In a video, Dipika Kakar, who won Bigg Boss 12, revealed how the food sent by the host reminded them of their own home.

7. He Has A Beautiful Chalet Near The Set

The actor has a luxe chalet near the set, which serves as his resting place between shoots. In a video, we can see a lush garden and a dining space in his cozy cottage. In addition, there’s a charming fountain and a gazebo adorned with a chandelier and comfortable sofas. It also has a private gym and a big living room. The bedroom features a big clothes rack. Throughout the entire space, large portraits of the actor adorn the walls, adding a personal touch to the area.

Well, these were some interesting things to know about the host of the show!

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