People Think ‘Bigg Boss’ Now Behaves Like ‘Whatsapp Unkil’ Who Wants To Know Eveeerything & I Agree

Aaliyah Jain

Bigg Boss is known for its heated arguments, intriguing tasks and iconic voice – these things make the show what it is. I remember the first time I heard this voice – it was so stern and intimidating that it made the contestants stop and listen to the instructions carefully. 

However, this season, we witnessed the voice acting like the nosy neighborhood relatives who comment on absolutely anything under the sun. In a thread, a user raised this point and well, we couldn’t overlook it.

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The user mentioned how it behaved like an irritating relative at a function who was always desperate for attention. Even when the housemates were having fun, making plans, cracking jokes or fighting, the voice would jump in for attention. 

They also pointed out that in the initial seasons, the voice was heard only when it was absolutely necessary or only during nominations. However, it started every five minutes in this season – which became irritating. 


It’s interesting how the voice wasn’t heard when a fight or argument broke out, but only when the contestants were laughing at a joke or making strategies, ‘kya baatein chal rahi hai, humein bhi bataiye?’ – which made them awkward and embarrassed.

I mean, what the heck was that all about?

This unnecessary interference not only ruined the watching experience for the audience, but also made the housemates nonchalant about his presence. They were often seen being sarcastic with him. 


The readers on this thread also agreed and here’s what they thought:

You can check the entire thread here.

Audience chahti hai ki ab Bigg Boss thoda chup ho jaayein!

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