Dreadful Clauses To Behind The Scenes Secrets, These Are The Things That Make Bigg Boss What It Is

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Bigg Boss is known for its heated arguments, intriguing tasks and strict rules. There are several lesser-known secrets about the show and the contract clauses of the contestants that are both, interesting and intriguing.

We decided to list these rules and behind-the-scenes secrets that are more fascinating than the show’s weekly raashan tasks. You can take a look below!


1. Episode Timing Discrepancies

Reportedly, at times, there’s an inaccuracy in time representations within the episodes that are shown on our television screens. Specifically, During earlier seasons, when the wake-up song was played, we were told it was 8AM. In reality, the time for the alarm was different on most days. This depended on the tasks and activities of the day.


2. The Voice Of Bigg Boss Is Not Available 24X7 On The Set

Contrary to the well-known belief, the voice of the show is not constantly present during the day and night. The individual adheres to his schedule when he’s present on the set.


3. Secrecy In The Premiere Episode

The transition from the hotel to the main set during the premiere episode is kept a secret. The housemates are blindfolded during this journey. In addition, contestants request personal items like shampoo through the cameras, and if necessary, the contestant’s family is called upon for assistance.


4. Selection Criteria

A crucial aspect of selecting a contestant involves identifying individuals with interesting personalities. Their characteristics are crucial for an engaging cast for a particular season.


5. The Staff & Their Shifts

The staff operates in shifts, with some members even sleeping on the sets during the night. This measure is taken to ensure attentive supervision and address any objectionable incidents that may arise during the night.


6. Contestant Compensation Terms

The contestants receive a specific amount while signing the contract, which varies for each one of them. This ensures that all participants go home with a guaranteed sum, no matter when they are eliminated. After surviving two weeks in the house, everyone becomes eligible for additional weekly compensation.


7. Secrecy Clause For Contestant Confirmation

The names of the confirmed contestants remain undisclosed until the last minute. If this rule is breached, they can lose their entire earnings. In several seasons, the host called out and scolded the participants who revealed that they had a conversation with their co-housemates before entering the show.


8. Restriction On Reading Material

The contestants are not allowed to bring any reading material, including holy books. Reportedly, makers deliver scriptures or holy books into the house, if requested.


9. Limited Control Over Content

The makers retain exclusive rights to edit and broadcast the show’s content as they want. The contestant can’t influence the decisions related to editing or content broadcast.

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10. Communication Restrictions

The housemates are barred from communicating with the media about their selection in the show. The makers have the authority to remove contestants who breach this rule before entering the show.


11. Commitment To Production House

The contestants need to be available for 117 days for the show – with 100 days allocated for staying in the house and the other 17 days for preparation, promotion, marketing and promo shoots before entering the house.


12. Penalty For Midway Departure

The housemates who leave the show midway need to pay a ₹2 crore fine. In season 2, Rahul Mahajan paid ₹50 lakhs – which was the penalty amount back then – to take a voluntary exit from the show.


13. Mandatory Disclosure Of Criminal Convictions

The contestants with criminal cases must disclose them to the makers beforehand. Former contestants like Rahul Mahajan, Monica Bedi and Aseem Trivedi were considered for participation because they had court cases pending in their name and weren’t proven guilty at that time. 


14. Payment Process After Elimination

The transfer of the payment involves a structured procedure. The housemates receive their earnings after they are eliminated and the taxes are deducted from their total amount. It’s not transferred every week to each contestant.

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15. Strict Rules Against Violence

This is one of the most famous and crucial rules of the house. The contestants are not allowed to use sharp objects or do physical violence in the house. There have been several instances when housemates were eliminated when they engaged in physical fights or violence. In the recent season, Abhishek Kumar was eliminated by the captain on similar grounds.


16. Medical Condition Disclosure

The contestants with medical conditions must inform the makers before entering the house. They are allowed to bring medications with a doctor’s prescription after their fitness certificates are declared.


17. Post-Elimination Isolation Protocol

The eliminated contestants must remain in isolation – without communication or access to the outside world – until the episode with their elimination has been broadcasted.


Now we know who’s the real ‘boss’.

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