From Radhika Apte To Kiara Advani, 9 Celebrities Who Come From Very Affluent Backgrounds

Vasudha Sabharwal

Not to say a very generic statement, but celebrities are largely rich. Well, of course, they earn in crores from films, then follow collaborations, brand endorsements, YouTube channels, and so many other sources of income streams. But aside from what they now earn as actors, some of them also come from very wealthy backgrounds.


Redditors from the r/BollyBlindsNGossip community recently discussed celebrities who are richer than their perceived wealth. These are primarily actors who hail from old money with parents and grandparents well-established in business or politics. Take a look –

Vogue India

1. “Radhika Apte – Her father owns a private hospital chain named Sahyadri in MH.”

– milesjjcc


2. “I think Kiara Advani is old money rich.”

– Responsible-Buy7395

Campaign India

3. “Anil Kapoor married rich. I think Sunita comes from a well-off family. Then Anil too has consistently been working so I’m sure he has made good money. Plus, Sonam married into a super rich family.”

– Original-Cheek8567

The Economic Times

4. “Gayatri Joshi, now Gayatri Oberoi – the Swades actress. Her husband is a billionaire – the owner of Oberoi Realty”

– Aromatic_Arm5568

Zee News

5. “Ranveer Singh’s father is a loaded businessman.”

– elizabeth_bloodline

Indian Express

6. “Bhumi Pednekar is the daughter of ex-Maharashtra State Minister late Satish Pednekar (Congress)



7. “Actually, Alia Bhatt is waayyyyy richer than the rich we associate her with. She has huge properties in London, commercial and residential, to her name.”

– Intelligent_Eye2462

India Today

8. “No one mentioned Shilpa Shetty? She’s filthy rich. Extremely well-done business investments. All her ventures are a super success.”


Lifestyle Asia

9. “Sharvari Wagh is the granddaughter of ex-CM of Maharashtra.”

– Navigator369

Vogue India

Which of these caught you by surprise?


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