This Boy Crying In Frustration As He Teaches Maths To His Sister Is Relatable AF

This Boy Crying In Frustration As He Teaches Maths To His Sister Is Relatable AF

Aaliyah Jain

There are two kinds of siblings in the world – one, who never argue and is always smiling and the other, who frustrates and makes each other weep like a kid. Now, a video clip of a sibling duo, which is quite relatable, has been going viral on the internet.

In the clip, a young 12-year-old brother is seen crying in frustration while teaching maths to his younger 9-year-old sister. As per reports, the video was recorded and posted by the children’s mother, from Liaoning in China, Zhong.

According to the mother, the brother was gentle with his sister, at first, and the siblings interacted well. However, later, both argued about how to solve a maths problem. The brother was soon enraged that his little sister did not follow his instructions.

I told her directly the answer that there are three right angles in this picture, but she still insisted that there are two right angles. I’ve pointed out to her the three angles. She was so stubborn that she still said there are just two.

The sister, who had her head lowered, started sobbing while the brother kept complaining to their mother.

Reportedly, the video clip has garnered over eight million views on the Chinese social media platform, Douyin. The clip was also shared on an Instagram page later and has garnered over 10 million views. Here’s what netizens had to say about the situation:

You can watch the entire clip here:

Ah, the bittersweet relationship between siblings!

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