Netflix's Never Have I Ever was the comedy-drama that made us all relive our awkward, adorable teenage years. And now, it's all set to come back for a second season!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

The cast came together, via a video conference call, of course, to announce the second season.

Though, most of the discussion was focused on a very important topic - Devi aka Maitreyi Ramakrishnan getting bangs.

Source: Instagram/Netflix India
Source: Instagram/Netflix India

*I get it... more like, I've also done it because lockdown!*

However, ultimately, the message was clear - Never Have I Ever is coming back. And we're damn excited to see if Devi explores her relationship with Ben, or goes back to her 'first love', Paxton.

Source: Netflix

And if the comments on the post are anything to go by, we aren't the only ones excited:

The show will return on Netflix in 2021.