Gulshan Devaiah Has A Take On Male & Female Friendships & It’s What We’ve Been Waiting To Hear

Manya Ailawadi

For some reason (mostly, Bollywood), the friendship between a man and a woman is frowned upon, questioned and doubted. It is assumed that a relationship between men and women, comes down to attraction. Of course, “Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte” is the premise of every 90s Bollywood film. And in a recent interview, Gulshan Devaiah talked about the notion and its impact on people.

The Quint

The actor was asked what he thinks about a friendship between a man and woman. He opened up, mentioning that men and women can form some very fulfilling platonic relationships. This is refreshing to hear, specifically when it comes from a Bollywood actor. He also rightly pointed out that even if there are romantic feelings – two people can still manage to have a friendship.


He added that his explanation was for when we consider only cishet men and women. However, assuming that men and women cannot have a platonic relationship, stems from heteronormative ideas. The assumption is regressive to begin with, and it’s ignorant when we only talk about heterosexual relationships. The actor pointed this out in a simple statement – mentioning that not all men are attracted to women and vice versa.


Watch the video here:

If only Bollywood learns a thing or two.

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