SRK To Ambani Family: This Hotel Employee Reveals How Celebs Are IRL In This Reddit AMA

Aaliyah Jain

Whenever I look at certain celebrities, I want to know more about them. I feel this urge to find out how they are in real and behave when the cameras are absent. I know I’m not alone and hence, I got embarrassingly excited when I came across this thread.

In this thread, someone, who used to work at a famous hotel chain, shared the incidents when they met celebrities. Of course, there are several juicy revelations so be ready. Let’s go!


1. “Shah Rukh Khan was extremely nice and gracious to staff. He was with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in a restaurant. He was giggling and whispering throughout the meal with Anushka Sharma. I have heard from a colleague, who was a brand manager, that he was very rude and unpunctual for an ad shoot.”

2. “Deepika Padukone is not nice and not respectful to people she deems beneath her. Once, she was staying at the hotel and a duty manager, who was a fan, caught her eye and waved to her. She rolled her eyes and turned her back on her.”

3. “Jaya Bachchan is rude and demanding. I actually loved her before I encountered her in reality as I adored her movies and acting. However, her butler would always be running around frazzled when she was in the house because she was impatient.”

4. “Rahul David is the most humble and respectful celebrity. I wasn’t a fan of his cricket but as a person, he was so modest. No airs and no entourage. If you didn’t know him from cricket, you wouldn’t ever differentiate them from a normal Indian family.”

5. “Sachin Tendulkar was nice and friendly.”

6. “I knew the Adani family for 6 years and they have always been normal and modest.”

7. “Aryan Khan was a respectful child. He was polite to the service staff from whom he had nothing to gain.”

8. “The Ambanis don’t talk to each other directly. Their 10 assistants do it for them, even if they are in the same room with each other. I have seen Antilia and it is like a 5-star hotel with room service and an Oberoi staff employee who manages housekeeping and the kitchen. There’s a canteen that can serve 200 people at a time, a huge banquet hall and huge gardens. Mukesh Ambani and his family were standing across 10 feet and their secretaries were speaking to each other. Also, all their cutlery and linen are monogrammed MDA.”

Now that was an interesting read!

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