‘I Take Thee Rachel…’: How David Schwimmer Accidentally Created This Iconic Scene

Nisha Singh

To all the fans of Friends out there, here’s an Easter egg for you. Let’s take you back to Season 4 when David Schwimmer as Ross Geller was getting married to Emily Waltham in London. Remember how Ross messed up with names at the altar and ended up ruining his wedding? I am talking about the ‘The One With Ross’ Wedding‘ episode which is famous for his iconic lines, ‘I Take Thee Rachel’.

In case you don’t know, the whole credit for Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Greene gate-crashing Ross’ wedding in the episode goes to David. You ask why?

Ross accidentally took Rachel’s name at the altar in Friends. Image credits: Pinterest

An old video of Friends writer, Greg Malins revealing an anecdote behind the ‘I Take Thee Rachel’ scene caught our attention on Instagram this morning.

In the clip posted by a Friends fan club, thefriendsunseen, Malins can be seen saying, “We never knew how it was going to end. We struggled with it, we couldn’t figure it out. And then there was one time, at a taping, where David Schwimmer walked in the room. What he was supposed to say was ‘I have the cab waiting downstairs, Emily’. But he walked in and said ‘I have the cab waiting, Rachel’.”

Schwimmer apologised, ‘Shoot, sorry, let me start again.’ “And then he ran out, we kind of went, that’s… that’s what should happen,” he added. It happened because David messed up his line.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to it:

So, what are your thoughts about this accidental scene in Friends?

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