8 Internet Sensations That Should Thank Social Media For Making Them Famous Just Like A Wow!

Aaliyah Jain

In the world of social media, content is content – there’s no such thing as being too cringy or too awkward. Individuals, from different locations, ages and thoughts, generate ideas that become viral in no time because that’s the power of the internet. In fact, it’s Instagram that has made these sensations what they are today.

In the list below, we have mentioned some low-key celebrities who became a cult favourite for us, all thanks to social media. Take a look.


1. Dua is honest, upfront and a total internet sensation. The little redhead baddie recently became famous with her relatable attitude and we love every bit of it. 


2. This man took the internet by storm. He recently taught us ki agar kisi ko bina gaali diye gaali deni ho toh bas usko ‘Gian Hain Aap’ bol do! 


3. Ganji Chudail will always be the OG chudail from the chudail universe and the intriguing plotlines of her reels are proof.


4. Oh well, I’m A Liver because Orry said so!

5. Those ‘laddoo peela’ and ‘mouse’ colors were just so beautiful and so elegant that made her reels look like a wow. Don’t you agree?


6. Sis, if he doesn’t dance on ‘dil vich tere liye time kat ke’ like this man did, he’s not the one. Never settle for less!

7. Many trends will come and go but ‘uncle ji, paani pila dijiye’ will always be my favourite video on the internet – EVER!

8. Life is too short to say excuse me, say ‘aayein, baigan’ and move on!


I never thought that I would ever make a list like this one but here we go – all thanks to social media!

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