Anil Kapoor On ‘Koffee With Karan’ S7 Was Like Every Other Desi Dad

Manya Ailawadi

Every Koffee With Karan episode is a revelation, specifically with the duos we’ve been seeing through Season 7. And the eleventh episode was no less. It was, in fact, power-packed with more energy than we’re used to, given that it featured Anil Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. From talking about sex and marriage to their enthusiasm towards work, this episode had it all.

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

However, nothing and no one beats Anil Kapoor or his energy. If we ignore the fact that he works out more than an average millennial, and is more in touch with the trends than a lot of us, he’s like any other desi dad.

These moments from the show are proof of it:

1. When he said the most dad-thing ever, to a caller asking for advice. Honestly, he was one step away from starting with the “mere zamane mein” speech.

2. When he complained about the phone being too loud. I mean, which dad doesn’t complain about loud noises? It’s surely okay, though, if they listen to things on without the earphones.

3. When he turned into Varun Dhawan’s hype-man, like most dads do in front of relatives. Adorbs.

4. When he danced like there’s no tomorrow, and then went on to say that he got tired. Those dance moves, though – who wouldn’t get tired?

5. When he complained about Sonam not picking up his call. And well, she’s the only person he called.

6. When he pulled the ‘rishtedaar card’ and asked Varun to say mean things about Arjun Kapoor. Because well, chacha can’t.

7. When he made a dad joke and looked at Varun for validation. He kept looking, it was too wholesome.

8. When he asked Varun to not make him ‘sound’ like a senior. Because, he’s still jawaan. In all fairness, he’s more jawaan than most 20-year-olds.

We can hear him talk all day.

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