12 Men Share The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Been Discouraged To Like

Harshita Singh

Gender roles create huge amounts of pressure on everyone to dislike or like certain things. And of course men struggle with the pressures in their own distinct ways. In fact, this Reddit thread of men sharing the wildest things they’ve been conditioned to dislike is proof of it. Here, take a look for yourself:

1. “‘Men aren’t supposed to like fruity drinks, they’re gay. Real men drink water or beer.’ Okay? Why do ‘Real men’ have to deprive themselves of likeable things?”


2. “I was told by a buddy’s girlfriend that I was a woman because I liked to cook.”


3. “No one thinks chefs or bakers are gay so.. why is doing that at home shamed so much? Makes no damn sense.”


4. “When I was a kid I was told that guys don’t cry.”


5. “I was working in a store and had allergies f*cking me up. Sniffles, sinus headache, sneezing, etc. I had a frequent female customer tell me it was ‘girly’ to be sick. Not that I was complaining about it, just the mere fact that I was obviously sick was ‘girly.’ So, men never get sick? I don’t know WTF that was about.”


6. “Breakfast in bed. Couple years ago, my in laws were here on Father’s day. My daughter wanted to make me breakfast in bed and asked my mother in law for help. She said very loudly “Men don’t want breakfast in bed.” My daughter was sad. I would have loved to have her bring me up some coffee and sh*t. Little things like that are the sh*t.

She stopped doing any breakfast in bed after that. Broke my heart. All she was doing was saying I love you in her own chosen way. Plus what man doesn’t like that? WTF, of course we like that sh*t.”


7. “Emotions.”


8. “The craziest one is talking about how men shouldn’t like women, enjoy being with women, or like their wife….seriously I have heard this several times….fellas it’s gay to be attracted to women.”


9. “Compliments! I remember distinctly talking to some girlfriends, and the topic of compliments came up and I said I enjoy complimenting men just as much as women. Because, men really light up when you do. The other women just looked at me weird and agreed (amongst each other) that men don’t really need compliments as much as women.

I also don’t reserve words, if a man is gorgeous or beautiful or pretty or cute, I say so! There’s no need to gatekeep words and I’ve only had a few people not like being called cute, but they were kind of egotistical anyway so whatever haha.”


10. “Moisturizer.”


11. “I was told that grown men don’t wave hello. They only say it.”


12. “I expressed to my wife that I wouldn’t mind being a SAHD and she asked ‘What self-respecting man with an advanced degree wants to be a SAHD?’ So I shrugged, and raised my hand. My work is nice and all, but my kids are more fun.”


Because skincare is for everyone, and so are hugs, cooking and compliments!

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