Aisha Banerjee To Bunny, 11 Movie Characters That Gave Us Major Career Goals As Kids

Harshita Singh

When we’re kids, we’re easily impressionable, and so the movies we watch really influence our minds. They influence everything; From how we view love and romance to how we view careers. Come to think of it, so many characters impacted my career selection process. And I’m sure this is the case for many others.

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Which is why we’ve compiled this list of characters who inspired us for our careers. Here, take a look:

1. Bunny – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

Bunny Thapar’s passion to be behind the camera and travel for his work fueled an entire nation’s ambition to do the same. And we get it, who doesn’t want a job that’s so exciting and versatile?

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2. Aisha Banerjee – Wake Up Sid

Aisha Banerjee inspired so many young women to move to a bigger city and become a writer for a swanky magazine. There’s just something about being an independent girl, living in a big ol’ city, all while making money off of a god-given talent.

3. Bittoo Sharma and Shruti Kakkar – Band Baaja Baaraat

Bittoo and Shruti made us realise that there is a lot of scope to earn money as an entreprenuer in wedding planning. Desi weddings are a pretty big deal after all.

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4. Andy Sachs – The Devil Wears Prada

Countless people watched The Devil Wears Prada and thought to themselves that they’d never leave Runway magazine. They’d stick it out and reach the apex of the fashion magazine world. But not in a way where we saw Andy negatively, rather because she inspired so many people to fight for a position and thrive in a tough work environment.

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5. Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City

Once again, Carrie Bradshaw inspired a whole generation of women to become a writer who sits at her window every night to pour her heart out into a story we’re writing. Many of us wanted to be that writer who got invited to glamorous events all while doing something that we’re passionate about.

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6. Karan Shergill- Lakshya

Karan Shergill’s slow but powerful journey towards realising how much he loved serving his country probably convinced many young people to join the army as well.

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7. Farhan Qureshi – 3 Idiots

An engineer who went on to become a photographer (a passion that he was dying to pursue)? What an alien concept in our country, right? But Farhan’s bravery really got many engineering students thinking and daydreaming about doing the same.

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8. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Nothing like a biopic to get the feelings and emotions going for a cricket lover, imagine watching this at an impressionable age and being pushed (in the best way possible) to become a professional athlete. Wow.

Credit: The Hindu

9. Kate Armstrong No Reservations

Ironically, the kitchen is only a woman’s place when it’s to please a man. But when it comes to women leading a kitchen professionally, and being head chefs, the world has a hard time accepting it. Kate Armstrong’s strong, stern and absolute boss-like character really made many of us want to take that leap of faith to cook and get paid and respected for doing it.

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10. Mark Zuckerberg – The Social Network

Guys, let’s be real, how many of us, at some point or another, after watching this film, thought that the path to ultimate success and riches was by starting our own internet companies? I mean, minus all the legal battles that Zuckerberg had to fight.

11. Cruella De Ville – Cruella

Okay, okay we know, Cruella grew into…. well, a cruel woman. But, Cruella giving us her backstory really gave us some awe-inspiring context about just how talented of a designer she was. I mean the power her creativity held could have healed the world.

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Carrie Bradshaw was my favourite! All these characters were like a ray of hope for many of us who felt super confused about our paths in life.

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