8 Times Munawar Faruqui Proved That He’s An Awful Friend, Lover & Contestant On ‘Bigg Boss 17’

Aaliyah Jain

In the last 16 seasons of Bigg Boss, we witnessed many new bonds being made and broken, as some contestants, who gave all they had to their relationships in the house, got nothing but betrayal in return.

In the current season too, many housemates showcased their loyalty and warmth towards Munawar Faruqui, only to be betrayed in the end. The comedian was loved for his calm and quiet behavior for the initial few weeks of the show. However, the audience saw his other side when his ‘friends’ started calling him out.

In the article below, we listed all the instances that prove he’s not just a bad contestant, but is also a terrible friend. Check these out.

1. He kept talking about his serious relationship even though he was single because he cheated on his girlfriend.

Ever since the show started, we heard him talking about his current serious girlfriend, Nazila Sitaishi. In the ninth week, Ayesha Khan walked in as a wild-card contestant and revealed that Nazila Sitaishi had broken up with the comedian because she found him cheating on her. Later, she also disclosed that he was three-timing with her, his ex-girlfriend and a woman he proposed for marriage before entering the show. Brilliant!

2. He gave a woman hope to marry, only to let her down in the end.

In the next few weeks, we saw Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan getting close. On one occasion, he even told her that he wanted to get over this entire mess and settle down. However, he backed out from his statement when the host questioned if he wanted to go back to his ex-girlfriend after the show, during weekend ka vaar. After the episode, he told her that it was all a big misunderstanding and he wished to clear things out with his ex-girlfriend. The man clearly needs to figure things out in his head first before approaching any woman!

3. He stopped talking to his only friend after a wild card contestant came.

As soon as the show began, the comedian had one friend and confidant, Mannara Chopra. No matter how much the two argued or fought, they would always go back to each other. However, as soon as Ayesha Khan entered the show, he just stopped talking to Mannara Chopra. Of course, his behavior hurt the latter and she confronted him on multiple occasions, but got no concrete answer. How convenient!

4. He told the housemates that he would make sure to throw them out of the house during arguments.

During the arguments in the show, the housemates often forget their limits and say unnecessary things. During different arguments, he told Samarth Jurel, Anurag Dobhal and Vicky Jain ‘Tujhe main tunnel tak choddke aaunga, lala.” Needless to mention, no one in the house has the power to eliminate other contestants, but it was his sheer arrogance that made him say such extreme things. Lala, khud hi mat pohouch jaana tunnel pe

5. He kept pushing a housemate away even when he was the only one supporting him.

The man clearly needs to be more aware of his ‘real’ bonds in the house. After an argument with his closest friend, Abhishek Kumar, he kept pushing him away when he was just trying to protect him. When Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan were sorting out their very personal matter in a room, everyone sat around them to listen and pass comments. Abhishek Kumar, on the other hand, was the only one who refused to go into the room and when he did go to the room, he told him that he didn’t need to share all the details with everyone because it was his personal matter. However, he pushed him away and told him not to intervene. That was absolutely ridiculous!

6. He never took a stand for his friends.

When his friends needed him the most, he never stood with them. When Samarth Jurel was poking Abhishek Kumar, his closest friend, he didn’t speak a word. He came to him and asked ‘Tu mera dost hai, bol nahin sakta?’. However, the comedian neither called out the poking nor supported his friend. Similarly, he never took a stand for Mannara Chopra when the housemates used to poke her. Interestingly, it’s evident how he fought with his friends in front of the entire house, but apologized or explained his viewpoint when they were alone. 

7. He kept laughing when his ‘friend’ was hospitalized.

When Ayesha Khan had a medical emergency after becoming unconscious and falling down, she was immediately taken to the hospital. Right after the incident, the comedian was seen laughing and chuckling with his friends. Anurag Dobhal called him out on it and asked him how can he joke at this critical moment. As we mentioned earlier, the man has no clarity about his bonds in the house.

8. He grabbed a contestant’s neck because of a task.

Last week, he grabbed Vicky Jain’s neck during an argument in a task. The latter hid all the spices and buckets during the torture task on the roof. When the comedian climbed a tree to grab the bucket with a mop, Vicky Jain pulled the mop lightly. He got down from the tree and grabbed his neck for pulling the mop from his hands. This was not the first time he broke a house rule. Few weeks back, he broke a glass bottle, which resulted in cuts on his hand. 

And after all this, he’s a finalist in the show! *slow claps*

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