The Nepo-Baby Debate Is Trending In Hollywood & Desis Are Like ‘Ye Toh Hamara Roz Ka Hai’

The Nepo-Baby Debate Is Trending In Hollywood & Desis Are Like ‘Ye Toh Hamara Roz Ka Hai’

Vasudha Sabharwal

The nepotism debate in Bollywood has been stretched so much that it feels monotonous now. It’s the same ‘struggle is real’ memes or overanalysis of everything star-kid actors say. Many desis claim to hate them but can’t seem to get over talking about them. They’re always trending. But Hollywood has recently discovered the nepo-baby boom.

Apparently, Vulture, a popular entertainment and culture outlet in the US, has dropped the cover of the latest edition of New York Magazine featuring Hollywood’s Nepo-babies, including Dakota Johnson, Hailey Bieber and many more.

The magazine’s comprehensive piece by writer Nate Jones exposes how Hollywood operates on an intricate and “invisible network of family ties.” How every second famous person is related to another famous person through one strand of relations or another. Somebody is a niece of a famous director, while another is a family friend’s daughter.

And while the sensational charts and comprehensive pieces on Hollywood’s nepo-verse are trending in the West, desis are like ‘ye to hamara roz ka hai.’

We have it too direct.


We have it way too simple! Kapoors and Khans basically rule the industry along with their family friends and kids, with occasional newcomers. This whole newly-discovered debate in Hollywood is funny, we’re the true pros.

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