This Old Milton Ad Has Left The Internet With Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

Manya Ailawadi

There are some ads we just don’t want to skip, and it’s not easy to make such ads. But every once in a while we do stumble on a sweet brand promotion that also tells a story. One such advertisement was for Milton which is an innocent love story, and someone on the internet reminded us of it.


An Instagram user, Yuvraj Sharma, shared the ad and captioned it, “This ad had better romance than a lot of Bollywood movies”. And honestly, we agree. It showed two people, a man and a woman travelling by metro at the same time on a daily basis. When the guy first sits beside the woman, he also notices that she uses the same Milton bottle, just in a different colour. So he brings a brand new bottle to match hers, the next day.


After this happens, he sees that the woman had changed her bottle, so he brings the same colour as hers again. This keeps repeating for a while and we see the entire range of colours that Milton has, meanwhile they share glances. It’s the sweetest montage with Kyon from Barfi playing the BG. Finally, the guy gives up and brings his same old bottle and sits opposite her, on a different seat. The woman then comes to sit next to him and takes out a bottle with the same colour as his.


The last shot reveals that she too had multiple bottles of different colours, in her bag. What a climax, right?


The internet is all heart for this love story.


Watch the video here:

What a meet-cute, though.

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