People Are Sharing The First Thing They’d Do At Hogwarts & Merlin’s Beard, We Want Our Letter

People Are Sharing The First Thing They’d Do At Hogwarts & Merlin’s Beard, We Want Our Letter

Manya Ailawadi

There’s no such thing as a “perfect age to watch Harry Potter.” And so, there’s no perfect age to stop wanting to visit Hogwarts, because well, who’d leave a chance like that? Harry Potter and Hogwarts have been ‘the dream’ for too many muggles, and while it is a fantasy, deep down we’re all waiting for our Hogwarts letter.

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Apart from the good food and butterbeer, they have flying brooms, potions for answers, and a Hagrid. So, Redditors started discussing about the first things they’d do after getting to Hogwarts.

1. “Visit the library, I love reading.”


2. “Go straight to the Hufflepuff common room. I’m dreaming of hanging out in that common room since it was shown on Hogwarts Legacy.”


3. “I would go to the kitchens, the food at Hogwarts has always been top of the list for me. Then dorm. Then the prefects bathroom. Then room of requirement.”


4. “If it’s when Harry is still there, I’d make friends with him, so the odds of me surviving when Voldemort attacks are increased dramatically.”


5. “I would run up to the highest Astronomy tower and look out over the grounds! The view must be amazing.”


6. “Punch Umbridge.”


7. “Straight into the forbidden forest to make friends with the magical animals. Eventually I’m gonna ride a unicorn.”


8. “Probably go to the dungeons to see the potion classroom. I’ve always liked alchemy so I’d probably enjoy potions make some Felix Felicis so I can finally get some luck.”


9. “Go to the Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer. I’ve made versions of it and I NEED the real thing.”


10. “Get straight to Ollivander’s Wand Shop to get my matching wand.”


11. “Hug Hagrid.”


12. “I’d already have OD’d on chocolate frogs by then.”


13. “Find where they keep the broomsticks and start practicing for the quidditch team. I’d be determined to be on my house team. If not as Seeker, as Beater.”


14. “Go to the giant chess room and play chess.”


15. “Use the time turner.”


I’d probably look for a Hermione to be friends with.

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