People Help Food Delivery Person Working Barefoot & While That’s Good, Such Cases Demand A Lot More

People Help Food Delivery Person Working Barefoot & While That’s Good, Such Cases Demand A Lot More

Harshita Singh

One of the best things the internet has given us is a sense of community and connectivity. So when people on LinkedIn came together to help and support this food delivery person, it was a heartwarming moment but also one that begs us to introspect about the working conditions of people employed by food delivery companies.

All of this took place after LinkedIn user, Mr. Tariq Khan met him in an elevator while he was barefoot, on his way to deliver food to a customer.

When Khan asked him why he was barefoot, he found out that unfortunately, the delivery person had met with an accident. And because of that, his foot and ankle were swollen.

As he went on to further ask him why he wasn’t resting in such a condition, the man said he had no other choice as he has a family to feed. So, in an attempt to support him through the difficult situation, Mr. Tariq Khan extended support and also decided to post about him on LinkedIn and share his Paytm number with anyone who was interested in aiding him.

Some people questioned Swiggy about their lack of regard for their employees, while others were immediately ready to help out financially.

This incident is a reminder that while it is nice for people to help, it is not their place to define someone else’s suffering and ‘inspiration’. Only the person going through hardship can decide how to view their struggle, for the rest, it is a matter of shame that there are people among us who have to work in these conditions.

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