14 People Reveal The Major Turn-Offs In Friendships & Folks, It’s Time To Take A Hint

Aaliyah Jain

From picking our spirits up during our lows to smiling ear-to-ear during our highs, there’s no doubt that friends play an important role in our lives. We have all heard about red flags in relationships but there are certain turn-offs when it comes down to friendships as well.

In a thread, people reveal some major turn-offs in friendships that scream ‘dude, run.’ Now, scroll through, read the points and take the frickin’ hint. Go on.

Credits: India Today

1. “Dishonesty, rudeness, flakiness, chronic lateness and judgmental.” –celestialism

2. “Reaching out only when they need something.” –Crashing_moon

3. “Gossip. As I get older, it just feels unnecessarily negative.” –Primary_Aardvark

4. “Talking about astrology and attributing personality traits to it. Don’t come to me with your dating troubles asking for advice and then dismiss everything by saying, “I knew I shouldn’t have dated a Scorpio. I and Scorpios never work out.” –thunderling

5. “Always be the taker. Being the one that I have to call to get together with. Never the one to call me. Being the friend that I can’t count on when the chips are down. The friend that is never very thoughtful.” –Bebe_Bleau

6. “Lying, not answering texts when they’ve already been online posting stories, being a man child, talking about something and being too busy not to notice when the other person doesn’t say anything because they’re disinterested in the current conversation, etc.” –alxndrmarkov656

7. “Trying to “one up” me. I have a friend who constantly talks about how much money she makes a year, and how she has an 800 credit score. Like she’s trying to prove to me how great she is. Also, being passive aggressive.” –Infamous_Watch_4637

8. “Disrespecting boundaries, forcing you to spread yourself thin and judging your worth as a friend based on your job/achievements or relationship status.” –Sufficient-Sun11

9. “The whole “if I do it’s fine, but if you do it it’s wrong” mindset, constant pity parties, being unnecessarily abrasive, talking about me behind my back and the “princess/prince” syndrome.” –RandomOtter98

10. “When your friend cheats on their significant other. I’ve had two good friends do this and I basically lost all respect for them and the friendships faded. If someone will betray the person they said vows to, they’ll definitely not hesitate to betray me.” –A_Salty_Moon

11. “Making me feel bad for not always wanting to hang out in person. I’m a massive introvert and sometimes I just want to stay home on my days off and recharge. It doesn’t mean I hate you. It just means I need time to get back to 100%.” –Asleep-Bee-4608

12. “Friends who vanish when they start a relationship but come back as soon as they’re single.” –innerlemons_

13. “A huge thing for me has been when a friend treats me like a therapist. I’ve had multiple friendships where friends were dealing with complex or repetitive problems and they continuously looked to me for support. They did things like bring up the same topic over and over, and constantly asked for advice. The kicker is when they make no changes but still complain.” –greenwitchery

14. “Being an attention seeker – always trying to be the centre of attention and throwing a fit when they’re not, guilt-tripping and manipulating others when they don’t give the person 110% of their attention because god forbid, their life doesn’t revolve around that person. Also, treating every person of the same gender as rivals in a competition.” –Samira827

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to bid adieu to your friend.

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