15 People Who Have Dated Rich Folk Share Their Experiences

Anjali Awasthi

We don’t live in an equal society. So even when it comes to dating someone who doesn’t have a similar lifestyle like you is intriguing. It might seem like you have fallen for someone from an alternate planet. Especially when the financial status of the individual differs to a great extent. We found a Reddit thread where people who have dated rich people had some interesting stories to tell. Let’s get scrolling.

1. “I learned just how productive having money can be. Does something need to be fixed/ replaced? We can afford to. Want to do something fun or adventurous? Sure, let’s do it now. Want to eat healthier? We can afford all the ingredients. Like what do you mean your life isn’t slowed down by a million different things that need fixing/ upgrading/ replacing/ saved for?”


2. “They don’t know how to cut back because they only knew a good life. No sweetheart, we don’t need 3 vacations a year when you are fucking unemployed.”


3. “He didn’t have any concept of saving money, it was always just there because his money was always earning money. Having money was an income stream in itself. Also, he had no concept of how much anything cost. Was going to get some groceries for dinner and he gave me $300 to pick up some basics.”


4. “Dated a girl for 3 years who came from old money. She was fine but her family was beyond out of touch with the real world. They were nice people but incredibly removed from the rest of the world. They looked at me like I was a zoo animal in the sense that they were so curious about my life/family. They’d ask me what it was like going to public school. How my parents immigrated. They were baffled that not everyone had vacation homes or traveled a lot.”


5. “I only went on one date with him. He booked out the entire bowling alley so we’d have privacy for our date. It just seemed so shockingly wasteful to me, and it was bizarre to have a 20-lane bowling alley just for the two of us plus a fair-sized staff who were left with nothing to do but look after us. I learned I’m very uncomfortable with that level of casual assumption that the world will rearrange itself to suit my whims.”


6. “If you have a lot of money, people give you so much free stuff all the time trying to earn your business or procure donations. Ironic that the people who can best afford to pay for the items get comped the most!”


7. “I’m a guy who has dated women considerably wealthier than myself. My experience is that money becomes a factor sooner or later, no matter how closely you’ve connected on every other level. Even when the lady in question seems cool with it, there can be arch looks and withering comments from friends and family in social settings – about what you’ve just ordered for dinner, or what your holiday plans are.”


8. “Dated this wealthy girl who instantly had an anxiety attack when I told her I was thinking about buying my own car, she believed I’d break up with her because I won’t need her car anymore. Make your own conclusions.”


9. “I don’t feel this is a universal experience. Example: I have a rich friend who would legit help a total stranger, and give them money, etc… but then I have an ex that was super stingy, and how dare you ask for anything, even necessary items for survival lol. I learned people can suck, rich or not.”


10. “Dating an Arab woman from a billionaire family. Most of their money came from investments made over a hundred years ago. The OG split his gains between his sons and daughters who went on to start their own businesses and investments. The train has been rolling since then. Definitely learned a lot about generational wealth from her and her folks.”


11. “Really rich people from old money do not have social media. They value privacy too much. And they do not show off branded goods that have labels. And they do background checks on you before they get involved. They spend money only on certain things that are important to them but can be cheap with certain things – quirks. For example, may insist to stay at only a certain hotel because it is where their family has always stayed – even if obscenely expensive, but may insist on very plain, bland food for most meals at home.”


12. “For the most part they have no idea what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, and many consider poverty to be a character flaw. They have no concept of what not having generational wealth means.”


13. “Health care is looked at the same way as maintenance on a car. It isn’t looked at like waiting for something to break before seeing someone about it. Wealth is very quiet. No logos. Pretty, monochrome clothes but tailored. No bragging about money or throwing it around. A pretty strict sense of manners and etiquette. They’re not going to be shouting over everyone in the restaurant or twerking in the booths.”


14. “People from entitlement and born into wealth will go absurdly out of their way to explain to you how they aren’t actually entitled or born into wealth, and generally get deeply offended if you challenge that notion.”


15. “To match up with his standards. I let myself go into a lot of debt buying expensive presents for his birthdays and other holidays, sometimes vacations. Just to make up for not being as financially equal as him and to show appreciation. Of course, that was also a waste because of.”


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