10 Beloved Things Disappeared From Mumbai That We Now Miss

Anjali Awasthi

While many of us might not know what it was like to live in Bombay, one thing is for sure the vibe it offered is missed by many. The city now called Mumbai has undergone a lot of changes and offers a different vibe today. 

We have picked things that disappeared from the city we now wholeheartedly miss. 

1. “The ticket booklet we used to get at station we had to use the punching machine to get it stamped.”


2. “The orange street lights. They’ve been replaced by white coloured LEDs these days. But I miss that sepia tinged vibe of the 90s.”


3. “Punching tickets in the BEST buses, my school life got into guessing on which number conductor punch in, so that I could use it again tomorrow.”


4. “PCO – the phones where you could call someone In 1 Rs/min.”


5. “Those malai kulfi walas with their signature white shirt pant, and red cloth draped around the ice filled buckets.”


6. “Old taxis. I think they were Ford ? They had a gear stick behind the steering wheel.”


7. “Colder winters perhaps? I remember back in early 2000s we used to have a few days of 10-11C and the subsequent fog/smog. Now we’re lucky if it goes down to 18C in Dec or Jan.”


8. “That artistic lollipop candy thing, jab banda usse rose/plane/… banake deta tha, last time Borivali station pe dekha tha 4 Saal pehle 2018 me.”


9. “Double Decker buses, used to love those as a kid.”


10. “Natraj pencils. It was the most popular pencil brand during my school time but now I rarely find them.”


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