10 People Reveal Their First ‘Professor Dumbledore’ Memories. We Are Not Crying, You Are!

Aaliyah Jain

Harry Potter was iconic for several reasons – be it its distinctive narrative or the background score. However, one thing that we, the fans, can never forget is its brilliant characters; and when we are talking about the best characters, we cannot miss Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Michael Gambon, who played the headmaster role to perfection, passed away last evening. To honor and remember his iconic role, we asked people about their first and fondest memories of his character and take a look at what people said!

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1. “I remember how I fell in love with him at first sight. His first comforting look toward the protagonists hit home. He knew how to support the right act and his speeches were always on point.” -Anonymous

2. “He was the most well-written character of all times. At first, he’s this responsible headmaster and then his complexities are disclosed and we realize that he’s just a human, underneath it all.” -Raghav Arora

3. “When I first watched the series, I always thought that he was not a ‘great’ headmaster because his attention was all over the place. Later, when I grew up and re-watched the movie, I felt he was just lonely in his own right.” -Gunjan Jain

4. “I watched Harry Potter when I was a full-grown adult (I know, I know). However, I knew that Albus Dumbledore was sitting on a heap of secrets and had to plan his move with caution. I respected the man from day one.” -Sanya R Singh

5. “The fact that he trusted the right people all the time – says a lot about him.” -Bhavik Kapoor

6. “He made several mistakes, yes. But, he also accepted them. This states that he was one of the finest characters from the series and of course, Micheal Gambon was the best actor to play the role. Hands down.” -Aarushi Sharma

7. “I felt that Dumbledore was a nice character, but deeply flawed. But then, who isn’t?” -Akanksha Sharma

8. “I felt that he was a great leader and we all deserve a teacher like him.” -Ridhimma Joshi

9. “I used to hate him when I watched the movies. However, I started falling in love with him when I read the books. I can’t explain this but it’s a fact.” -Nivedita J

10. “I always felt that he’s a complex character who will go to great lengths to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences would be.” -Nidhee Gupta

Micheal Gambon, your legacy will live forever. Rest in peace.

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