Let’s Talk About The Cutest Proposal Scene From ‘My Name Is Khan’ That Still Gives Us Butterflies

Aaliyah Jain

From confessing their love under the pouring rain to kneeling down in the middle of the road, our desi movies have churned out some dreamy and romantic proposals. However, there are just a bunch of proposals that live in our hearts rent-free, especially the one from My Name Is Khan.

It’s almost hard to believe that two people, who are so different from each other, fall head-over-heels in love with each other and decide to be together, forever.

And, the best part about this duo was the fact that these two weren’t like most filmy couples. They didn’t sing songs at the top of the mountains, didn’t fight each other’s cruel families and definitely didn’t have their exes hitting on them again. This couple wasn’t ordinary and had set some serious couple goals.

Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), a kind-hearted man with Asperger Syndrome, and Mandira (Kajol), a self-made and single mother were like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle who accompanied each other flawlessly. Even when their respective lives had different things in store for them, they took the charge and followed their hearts.

There’s no doubt that there were a number of heartwarming scenes in the movie. However, the proposal scene is the most comforting scene that makes our hearts smile each fricking time!

Rizwan knocked on her door and waited for the perfect moment before making her run to an unexpected destination.

He asks her to calm down, upon reaching, and close her eyes. And right when she opens her eyes, she sees a view that she had never seen before, despite living there for ages – the entire city floating in the middle of the clouds. 

She takes a glance at him and sees how he was happy to make her happy. She takes a moment to sink everything in and makes all his efforts worthwhile by saying:

“Khan, marry me?”

He, on the other hand, blushes and giggles as he looks away. And right before we know it, they tie the knot!

The wholesome proposal was not fancy or extravagant, and yet, it was, without a doubt, extremely beautiful. From the surreal sunlit backdrop and the melodious background score to the warmth of the characters, everything about this scene melted our hearts.

Dear men, we need an attempt like this or nothing at all!

You can relive the moment by watching the cutest proposal scene here:

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.

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