10 Random Scenes From Radhika & Anant’s Pre-Wedding Proving ANYTHING Can Happen At An Ambani Event

Vasudha Sabharwal

It’s happened. The pre-wedding celebrations by the Ambani family for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant took place over the weekend, and well, they were otherworldly. We know this primarily because social media is still overloaded with videos and clips of every teeny-tiny moment from the 3-day-long extravaganza in Gujarat’s Jamnagar.


It’s not just the itinerary for the event that was grand. You see, we knew already how magnificent it was gonna be, after all, it was an Ambani celebration. But those scenes and the recorded instances re-iterated that Mukesh Ambani and his family can do anything and everything, bringing to reality sights that could otherwise only exist in the wildest dreams.


Here are 10 moments from Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding that proved anything can happen at an Ambani event –

1. Rihanna returning from her hiatus and performing her HIT songs in India in a private concert

The last time the singer performed was at the Super Bowl halftime, which was only about 13 minutes. It’s at the Ambani’s grand party that Rihanna really returned in almost 8 years. She herself noted the same stating, “The show was the best. I haven’t done a real show in eight years”, reported Hindustan Times.

2. Not just it, her stealing Orry’s earring


3. And if that wasn’t enough, she grooved with Janhvi Kapoor on ‘Zingaat

4. Bollywood celebrities were put in a school bus for pre-wedding ‘picnic’

Alexa, play ‘ABCD…‘ in the background. It would only make sense. BTW, some exclusive celebrities like SRK and Ranbir Kapoor got Rolls-Royce to pick them up.

5. Three Khans of Bollywood danced together

Once, SRK was asked when he, Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan would share the screen together. He wittily remarked, “Aap afford kar sako toh offer kardo. Beta, chaddi baniyan bikk jaegi teeno ko sign karte karte.” Cut to an Ambani event.

6. Mukesh Ambani became a Bollywood actor in front of Bollywood actors and got them all to applaud his performance

7. Salman Khan and Akon played drums

How random is that!

8. Akshay Kumar delivered a high-on-energy performance, ‘probably’ after his sleeping hours

We know how particular the man is about his schedule.

9. Diljit Dosanjh completely steal the show in a concert that also has Rihanna in it

We love this MAN!!

10. Get celebrities to deliver a dance performance as it was some sort of an Annual Day function from school

Ambani’s universe is so random. You’d see crossovers you can’t even imagine.

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