Not Your Usual Office Companion: How Ratan Tata’s Adorable Dog, Goa, Accompanies Him To His Meetings

Manya Ailawadi

Ratan Tata is known as a man with a big heart. His compassion and humility never fail to leave people impressed. While we have a number of incidents that prove the same, this one incident is sure to bring a smile on your face. 

Karishma Mehta, the founder of Humans of Bombay shared her experience after her visit to the Bombay House – headquarters of the Tata Group. In her post, she writes about how a dog named Goa stays at the office while Ratan Tata carries on with his meetings. He mentioned during their interview – how they had adopted Goa and other stray dogs. 

Goa’s a stray and decided to adopt us, so we adopted him back

-Ratan Tata to Karishma Mehta

The CEO of Humans of Bombay also shared that she’s terrified of dogs which is why she had told Shantanu, Ratan Tata’s EA about the same. Ratan Tata smiled as he overheard the conversation. He later made sure that the Goa wouldn’t come near Karishma. She mentioned that Ratan Tata calmly asked the dog to stay while she took his interview. 

He also asked Karishma about Humans of Bombay and even for a sign on a book that she had gifted him. This little incident, among many is an example of how he makes people around him feel heard and comfortable. Internet also reacted to the post with their comments and clearly everyone loves him.


You can read her entire post here:

He’ll always be an inspiration – for more reasons than one. 

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