These Reactions To The ‘Dunki’ Trailer Are Proof That We Needed A Good Break From All The Rage

Manya Ailawadi

It hasn’t been a very easy year. After everything we came out of – post pandemic, we expected the world to be nicer. That hasn’t been the case – even fiction is no more about escape, because it’s just more of everything bad that is happening around us. So the trailer release of Dunki feels like a redemption from all of that.


We have mostly seen and celebrated films that glorified violence. If not that, this year has been a lot about action-thriller. To finally get a film that looks light-hearted, feels like a nice change of pace. From the looks of the trailer, Dunki also seems like a good attempt at storytelling.


The fact that the film is one of the final films that we’re going to get this year, it feels like a Christmas present. Or at least it has that vibe. Clearly, the internet is fascinated by this redemption arc.

After all, warmth can be felt, when rage needs to be yelled.

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