Salman Khan Reveals That His Shirtless Appearance In ‘Oh Oh Jaane Jaana’ Was Unplanned

Aaliyah Jain

“Doston na koi manzil hain, na koi saathi hain, phir bhi nikal pada hoon ghar se shaayad jiski talaash hain, wohi saathi hain, wohi manzil hain.”

If you have guessed the song, your childhood was really awesome!

Credits: YouTube

Oh Oh Jaane Jaane, the track that remained our party anthem for several years, is one of the most loved songs to date. While there are several iconic things about this one, the first thing that pops into our head is the shirtless Salman Khan.

However, it was not originally planned for the actor to be bare-chested and it just happened due to unforeseen circumstances on the set.

Credits: YouTube

Salman Khan, in a video, revealed that he started working out during the shooting of the movie and all his costumes became smaller. In order to save time, the actor suggested the director and his brother, Sohail Khan, take a few shorts shirtless.

While the director was reluctant at first, they went ahead with it and the rest, as they say, is history!

Credits: YouTube

The video, posted by Mimansa Shekhar, has garnered 2,320 views. Take a look:

It looks like it was written in the stars!

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