Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat Gets A Dazzling Makeover With A Diamond-Studded Nameplate

Aaliyah Jain

Shah Rukh Khan, the superstar who has been making a home in several hearts, owns a number of prized possessions like massive bungalows and luxurious cars.

However, one of his most famous belongings is his house, Mannat.

Credits: Times Now

There’s no secret that his palatial residence is nothing less than a tourist attraction as hundreds of thousands of fans flood the streets outside his home each day.

And now, to make their pictures a lot more ‘brighter’, the actor has installed a brand-new nameplate for his abode.

The actor went for a diamond-studded nameplate for his beloved residence this time. The two iconic vertical nameplates, which had the brown and black-hued look earlier, now have both the words ‘Mannat’ and ‘Lands End’ embossed in gold.

Credits: Twitter

His fans, who visited his sea-facing house, took and shared the pictures on their social media handles. 

These nameplates look so gorgeous!

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