Shah Rukh Khan’s Wonderful Acceptance Speech Last Night Proves He Truly Is The ‘Indian Of All Years’

Aaliyah Jain

Shah Rukh, time and again, has showcased why he’s called a king or baadshah with his actions. He’s a brilliant actor – and, there’s no doubt about it – however, there’s something different about him that makes us fall in love with him every single time.

To be honest, growing up, I never liked him. I always thought that he was an average actor. Nevertheless, when I became an adult and entered the entertainment industry, I realized that he’s much more than ‘just an actor’. 

I realized how he’s a powerhouse of humility, graciousness and humor with his off-screen aura. He lights up every room he is in – be it an award function or a chat show – and this is not an easy task.


Shah Rukh Khan was bestowed with the CNN-News18 ‘Indian Of The Year’ (IOTY) Award, last evening. As the actor graced the stage to receive the award, he delivered a ten-minute speech that made us laugh and cry – at the same time.

The actor started his speech with wit. He mentioned how one first thank the organizers, then show gratitude and a bit of humility and then, thank the team behind the work that has made you get this award. However, he had two reasons why he didn’t want to do that. 

“It’s been a bloody long time since I’ve won an award now. I’ve started believing now I was doomed or destined to win one of these lifetime achievement awards. I really want to keep this award to myself and not share it with anyone at all. The second reason is because I’ve had three highly successful films this year, super duper hits.  Showing off a little bit because why not? So, there are thousands of people behind some of them present here, who are responsible for this success, and to thank thousands of people will take a lot more than 2 minutes so I’m not going to thank them either. I believe that this award should be devoured by me because I’m hungry and I’ve always been hungry and I’m hungrier now with this award in my hand because there is no other way you can be if you want to keep on rolling out entertainment year after year for 140 CR people for the last 33 plus years.”

The actor also talked about how he’s impetuous, but is also very confident in his talent and hard work – which his wife, Gauri Chibber Khan, also keeps pointing out. Nevertheless, there’s a good thing about him. 

“I am a guy who’s hopeful and tells happy stories. The heroes I play, do good things and give hope and happiness. If I play a bad guy, I make sure that he suffers a lot and he dies a dog’s death because I believe goodness begets goodness.”

SRK also said how the life of a superstar is not sunshine and rainbows all the time, but he fought through all the hurdles by being quiet.

“The last four or five years have been a bit of a ride for me and my family. Most of my films flopped. A lot of specialists and analysts started writing my death nail. Then, at a personal level, a little bit of bothersome and unpleasant things also happened. This made me learn a lesson – be quiet. Be very quiet and work hard with dignity. Suddenly, out of nowhere, wham! Somebody, somewhere told me that life mein, filmo ki tarah, ant mein sab theek hojaata hai aur aur sab theek na ho toh woh ant nahin dost – picture abhi baaki hai.”

He shared a sweet little story about why he wouldn’t share his awards, ever.

“I am not giving it to anyone and keeping it myself because some years back, when I used to get a lot of awards, I decided that every award that I get I’ll take it as a gift for one of my kids. It’ll bring cheer to their lives and I truly believe that in the last four or five years that my family has seen, my children have seen and my wife has seen, I think nobody deserves a bigger cheer right now than them. So, I’m taking this award back home for them.” 

He concluded his speech by saying that he’s not just the Indian Of The Year, but an Indian for all the years to come. He also thanked everyone to came to watch his movies because they brought cheer to him and his loved ones.

“I don’t just feel like the Indian Of The Year. I feel, I have been the Indian of all the years gone by and I will be the Indian for all the years to come. I am actually, ladies and gentlemen, the Indian for all ages. I’d like to thank everyone who came to watch my films. Some of you may not have even liked them, but I know that you came there to support me and my family. So, I bow down to you and thank you for bringing cheer to my family, my children and my loved ones. I thank you for making me the star I am – yet again.

You can watch the entire speech here:

Sitaare toh aasmaan mein bahut hote hai par chand sirf ek hota hai. SRK, we adore you – to the ‘moon’ and back!

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