Suhana Khan’s Take On Alia Bhatt Repeating Her Wedding Saree Is Garnering Mixed Reactions On Twitter

Aaliyah Jain

Suhana Khan, while promoting her upcoming teen rom-com, The Archies, shared her views about the youth’s role in environmental protection. In the discussion, she revealed her admiration for Alia Bhatt’s eco-conscious fashion choices.

Talking about environmental issues, which is closely associated with her upcoming movie’s theme, Suhana Khan commended Alia Bhatt for re-wearing her wedding saree at the National Film Awards.

“Recently, Alia wore her wedding saree again for the National Awards, and I think as somebody with a platform, who has an influence, I thought that was incredible and a much-needed message.

She also said that it was incredible and a much-needed message. 

If Alia Bhatt can re-wear her wedding saree, then we can also repeat an outfit for a party.”

However, her remark created a spark amongst the netizens on social media. While some people appreciated her thoughts, others called her out.

It’s intriguing how netizens would talk about every minor comment but won’t discuss the crucial and very real issues in our society.

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